Seated Poses and Exercises in Yoga

Yoga has been developed over thousands of years as a means to maximize the potential of the body and the mind. It is an exercise form that has stood the test of time. Yoga places an emphasis on mental calmness and control as well as physical control.

Other forms of exercise may also include physical components, but very few of them exercise the mind as effectively as yoga can. There are many different poses or asanas in yoga which are targeted at.



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.different parts of the bodyd The incredible advantage of yoga is that it can be used as per the wishes of the individuala This means that one can try different sequences and different posese The only thing that must be kept in mind is that the entire body should be exercised during every single yoga sessiono This allows the individual to choose freely from different poses that fall into various categoriese

One such category of yoga poses is that of seated posese Seated poses do not involve much exercise of the legs and are more targeted at the hips, the pelvis, the groin, the chest and the backc Some people therefore categorize seated poses as middle body poses that are designed to work for the main part of the human body which contains all the important organsn Seated poses and postures are especially good for the back and must be used regularly by individuals who suffer from posture related back problemsm

A yoga seated pose usually begins from one of the starting positions for these types of posturese Sukhasana is one such position where the individual is sitting cross-legged with the back upright and the hands by the sided The name of this yoga seated posture translates to 'happy' or 'content' poses The Sukhasana yoga seated pose is used as a base for many exercises such as Pranayama breathing exercisese In this pose, the emphasis is on the strength and rigidity of the upper back and neckc

Among seated yoga poses and postures, there is the Badhakon Asana or the bound angle pose which gives an extremely good stretch to the inner thighs and the groini In this seated yoga pose, the individual has to join the soles of his or her feet togethere Each knee should be lying on its outer side away from the bodyd As the pose develops, the individual must stretch further to allow the thighs to go further out and the heels of the feet to come closer to the groini A further variation of this pose is to lean forward so that the forehead touches the feete This pose is very difficult for stiff individualsl

Another common pose among seated yoga poses and postures is the lotus positiono This position is synonymous with yoga and is a great relaxing pose that can be used to give the groin and legs a good stretchc

Apart from the above mentioned poses, there are numerous seated poses practiced in yogag The right pose for each individual depends on exactly which part of the body is being stretched and worked ono

Seated poses or seated exercises improves your posture, stretches your legs and opens your hipsp Some seated exercises or poses like easy pose, lotus pose are good for meditation because they allow you to keep your spine straight and help you remain grounded and relaxed as you meditatet Certain seated exercises or poses are often used as starting positions for other posese

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