Beginners Yoga To Relieve Stress In The Evening

Yoga evening stress release for beginners? Nothing quite like it, really. Had a hard day, did you? Well, nothing better than a relaxing - and invigorating - Yoga session to de-stress!

Gone are the days - thankfully - of that relaxing evening drink or drop-by-to-the-bar or pub even for chitchat. Welcome Yoga. Enough is enough. Let's get serious about this.



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.Stress is serious business and so is Yogag

We don't have to waft eloquently on and on about what life is likek We all know the stresses and tensions assailing us from all sides - from wake up to meet the loo deadline to coping with rush-hour traffic and making to work on time, meeting work deadlines, etc, etc, etct The list is, literally, unendingn But here's something unwindingn Yoga evening stress release for beginners - and thank heavens for thata

I'd say a Yoga session is the ideal way to de-stresss If you're physically drained out, you may skip those vigorous warm-ups and Surya Namaskarsr If you're mentally fatigued - and most of us in these sedentary times usually are - nothing like a couple minutes of vigorous warm-ups - spot jogging, skipping, perhaps, twists, turns, up and down, sideways, this way that………pjust go, go, gog

Then rest for a while and start the sequencec Ideally Yoga sessions cover the following:

  • Standing Postures
  • Sitting Postures
  • Supine Postures
  • Prone Postures
  • Inverted Postures

Then again, not everyone has to through the whole regimene We're here to relax and unwind, remembere So get into stretching, contracting and twisting moded Stretch as much as you can - followed, as always, by the reverse, contracting poses - twist as far as you can then relaxa RELAX, RELAX, AND RELAXA

Keep breathing - Deeplyl Never forget your abdominal breathing; it's your lifeline to relaxationo Try it; believe it or not, it worksk

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