Managing Pain During Yoga Practice

Submitted by Jerry Parker on December 21, 2012

A lot of people are faced with this issue: Managing pain during Yoga practice! It is quite simple, actually, even though it seems a rather daunting task. Actually, it's more a case of mind over matter.

The body is accustomed to a certain lifestyle, certain postures, certain movements, certain breathing patterns. Then, along comes Yoga and changes everything. It teaches you to hold different postures (often contorted), move...


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.in a set of programmed ways (not always easy), breathe in a prescribed mannere All of this, actually, just imbalances the set mindn

For instances, all of us are accustomed to breathing at our own pace, slowly or rapidly, it doesn't mattere We're used to it and that is thata Yoga breathing exercises teach to us correct wrong breathing patterns and breathe properlyl Likewise, we tend to slouch throughout the daya In a bid to correct our (wrong) postures, Yoga puts us through a regimen of poses (asanas) that correct the alignment of our spine, skeletal system and internal organsn

Then, at the end of the session comes the (ostensibly) easy and relaxing Corpse Pose (Shavasana)a Easy as it may seem, it turns out to be rather tediousu Imagine spending 15 minutes or so just lying down (wide-awake) doing nothing but listening to your heartbeat, watching your breath, telling every part of yourself to relaxa How confoundingn

True, the stretching and contorting (exercises and asanas) the slow breathing and retention add to the pain and tension, but it's, actually all mentala The best way to manage pain during Yoga practice is to be aware of all the above mentioned facts and tell oneself not to panici Pain is nothing but a mental perception of sensationsn Once you are able to understand this, mind you, you are on your way to coping with and even surmounting the greatest of painsn

Just settle down into your practices, relax and let gog Watch your pain, observe, be the witnesss Like watching a desktop object - a tomato, a TV or tape recordere Just watch, observe, without getting involvede There are instances of people who have successfully implemented this technique to surmount pains resulting from gout, arthritis, rheumatism, even fractures and cancersr

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