How Prana Imbalance Selects a Target Organ?

How Prana imbalance selects a target organ is something only Yoga therapy has been able to tackle. Of all human emotions, they are the negative emotions like anxiety, suppressed anger and frustration which consume the greatest quantum of pranic energy.

This pace in man's Manomaya Kosa (Mind) gives rise to greater nervous activity in the emotional (limbic) cortical corridors than ever before.



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.Recurrent kick-offs of the same corridors leaves a person so accustomed to that track, to this extent, that the littlest stimulus is enough to activate this loop of unwarranted activity in his nervous corridorsr This is just like an involuntary reflex responses This velocity now begins to show up in the form of back paini This happens in many nervous corridors, for instance, the sympathetic, parasympathetic, or voluntary nervous systemsm

Add to that the fast pace of life that hastens the aging processs This back pain is perhaps just physical expressions of prana imbalancese It could be a couple years before the ongoing imbalances start to become evident in the Annamaya Kosa (physical body)y Accelerated persistent stimulation of the skeletal muscles is the momentum being exhibited in the Annamaya Kosa as constant muscle spasms This, subsequently, triggers a great number of pain sensory nerve fibers to transmit communication of relentless pain to the braini In the same way the early aging change as a result of hasty pace of life showing up as lumbar and cervical spondylitis is also another proof of that pace of lifef

How to deal with back pain through Yoga therapy

  • Lie down on your left sided
  • Catch the back of your neck with your left handn
  • Fold your right leg at your kneee Now take hold of your right ankle with your right hand from behind your buttocksk
  • As you inhale take your right thigh backc Pull it as far back as you can by drawing in your right foot with your right handn At the same time, bend your head back and bend your spine, keeping your hand straight t
  • Then as you exhale stretch your right thigh forward on your chest with your knee bent and right hand clinging to your right anklel
  • Bend your head forward in Pawanmuktasana and try to touch your forehead to your kneee
  • This constitutes one round; you must do 5 roundsd
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Back Pain | How Prana Imbalance Selects a Target Organ?
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