Causes of Vertigo

The causes of vertigo according to Yoga are three, viz:

  • Circulation
  • Injury


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Any or all of these can trigger or aggravate a vertigo attack. This is how it happens.

  • Infections
  • Allergy
  • Neurological diseases

Circulation: When a person’s brain does not receive adequate supply of blood, he starts to feel light headed. This is, oftentimes, observed in patients with inadequate cardiac (heart) function or those suffering from anemia. Even surplus salt in one’s diet causes poor circulation. Many a time circulation is hampered by spasms in one’s arteries. This is, usually, the result of emotional stress, anxiety, and tension. Further, if your inner ear does not get adequate supply of blood, a more specific type of dizziness occurs. That is –vertigo. Your inner ear is highly sensitive to the littlest changes in blood flow. So, all the abovementioned causes mentioned for weak circulation to the brain also relate particularly to one’s inner ear.

Injury: A fracture of the skull which injures or, in any way, harms one’s inner ear creates an intense and debilitating vertigo. This is normally accompanied by nausea and loss of hearing. The dizziness could go on for up to quite a few weeks. The signs would then slowly abate as the normal (other) side takes over.

Infections: Germs, viruses, bacilli like those that cause a common "cold" or "influenza," could also assault one’s inner ear as well as its nerve connections to one’s brain. This could also be cause of acute vertigo. However, in such cases, hearing is generally spared.

Allergy: Quite a few folks feel dizziness and / or vertigo attacks due to allergies. This is when they have certain foods or are exposed to airborne particles (like dust, molds, pollens, so on and so forth) to which they might be allergic.

Neurological diseases: quite a lot of ailments of the nerves are liable to affect balance. These include multiple sclerosis, syphilis, tumors, so on and so forth.

Causes Of Vertigo
Causes of Vertigo
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