Exercises For Vertigo

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 17, 2012

Vertigo is a very dangerous condition for a person to suffer from. This is because of the fact that an attack can strike at any time, putting you in significant amount of danger given the various possibilities of circumstances you might be in at the time. Vertigo is essentially a mental condition in which the patient feels everything around him or her is spinning or moving.


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Most cases attribute the primary cause of the condition as developing from the inner ear, although it can easily also be the result of vision problems. Although the sensation is very similar to dizziness or lightheadedness, vertigo is a separate medical condition and significantly more severe. Some of the more prominent symptoms that a patient is likely to experience when suffering from vertigo include a loss of balance, nausea, vomiting, light headedness, blurred vision or even an earache.

While the condition is very often the result of some other abnormality in the ear canal, it can also be caused by trauma or a head injury. Besides this other factors like dehydration as well as motion sickness could be responsible for the same.

Because of the fact that vertigo is a rather common condition all over the world, a number of effective exercises have been developed and tested to help treat the condition to some significant effect. Although the exercises that are widely recommended for the treatment of vertigo may sound rather simple, depending on the severity of the patient's vertigo they may be extremely hard to perform. Most of the exercises center around maintaining a balance while the individual is standing still, swaying, turning and walking. Sudden head movements are also known to be one of the most common triggers of a vertigo attack. Practicing moving your head in certain ways will help your body develop an understanding and learning your patters so as to suppress any triggering of the condition. One should make it a point to take these exercises for vertigo very seriously because of the fact that the sudden attacks could strike at any given place and time. Once your body has been developed to balance better, with the help of these exercises for vertigo, you are better prepared to reduce the level of impact it will have on you in the long term. Moreover, studies have also shown that an improvement in one's balance can also be attributed to the improvement of ones self esteem and self confidence as well.

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