Yoga for weight loss and vertigo

(June 6, 2008)

I want to flatten my tummy and have little back ache problem ,with the problem of vertigo

Yoga for weight loss and vertigo 

In order to achieve weight loss, and control it for a long period of time, intensive yoga exercises must be performed along with practicing the right kind of diet. In order to burn calories, it is important to eat the right kind of foods and not reply on exercise alone. Types of yoga such as Iyengar yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Power yoga, Ashtanga yoga or Bikram yoga in which yogasanas are intensive as well as vigorous can help develop muscles and get rid of superfluous weight. The Vinyasa yoga is a manner of yoga established on the execution of a sequence of positions and postures known as Surya Namaskar. Vinyasa yoga comprises many athletic, gymnast-styled exercises.

All forms of breathing exercises in yoga also known as Pranayama aid in getting rid of various spinal disorders as well as respiratory issues. The best form of yoga exercise or a type or Pranayama to treat vertigo is anuloma-viloma also referred to as Nadi-Sodhana or breathing through alternate nostrils.  Shashankasana also known as the Hare Pose helps to stretch the muscles of the back, spinal cord, relieve the aches, while normalizing the hormonal production, namely the adrenal glands. Shashankasana is also performed to control hypertension, slipped disc problems and especially vertigo.

Submitted by C D on June 6, 2008 at 04:15

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