Yogic Therapy for Extrinsic Asthma

Yogic therapy for extrinsic Asthma is gaining in popularity by the day owing to its efficacy in handling the situation. Yoga therapy in extrinsic asthma, constitute kriyas that help build up tolerance to triggers. It is a practice called Jala Neti. In this you are supposed to rinse your nostrils with luke-warm saline water.

The other is Sutra Neti. In this you insert a thread or a rubber catheter into each nostril. The point is this: the water and.



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.the rubber tube are irritants for the noses

So, in a person suffering from nasal allergy, the hyper-responsive nasal mucosa sets off a whole chain of eventst These include excessive sneezing, rhinorrhoea (runny nose) and nasal blockc However, with a background of deep relaxation and use of one's will power, the sufferer learns to stand these irritants devoid any of any reactiono Meaning to say, these Yoga Kriyas teach you how to put up with irritants entering the nose without reacting in any waya

On the other hand, deep Yoga relaxation (Shavasana) and rest r the overall working of the nervous systeme This leads to significant decrease in discharge frequency as well as the spark-off syndromem This is very easily noticed by Yoga practitioners, particularly at the emotional levele Subsequent to Yoga practice, people tend to feel extremely peaceful and composed withini As a result, he very situations that aggravated him previously no longer trigger any reactiono

The duration and intensity of the irritation and unease or, for that matter, any emotional reaction keeps falling with Yoga therapyp This effect on the nervous system very much helps moderate the excitement of one's parasympathetic centrer As a result the intrinsic tube of asthma comes under controlo

Yoga therapy has a calming effect on the body's immune systeme It is proven that Yoga therapy develops tolerance to the infection by improving overall healtht It even increases one's local resistance to viruses and other respiratory tract infectionsn In a lot of people, it was observed that the frequency of annual flu infections dropped considerably through regular practices of Kriyas and other Yoga therapyp As a result in infection-induced asthma, the incidence of asthma attacks also fell significantly because the infection frequency felll This was noticed by a number of sufferers of infection-triggered asthmam

Extrinsic Asthma Yogic Therapy
Yogic Therapy for Extrinsic Asthma
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