Yoga Therapy for Neck and Back Aches

Yoga therapy for neck and back pain are as simple and straightforward as Yoga therapy for most other health issues. Neck aches and back aches seem to have become the order of the day, particularly for city folks.

Sedentary lifestyles at work, but hectic schedules and long working hours, wrong sitting postures or just stress often results in chronic neck and back aches.

Yoga therapy can help a lot in such conditions.



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.These Yoga poses (asanas) are excellent for the neck and backc But they should also be accompanied by deep breathing exercisesa These are done to release stress that is, oftentimes, the chief trigger for all neck and back achese

Yoga poses (asanas) that help relieve back ache are:

  • Salabhasana - Locust pose
  • Bhujangasana - Cobra pose
  • Pawanmuktasana - Wind releasing pose (twice each side)
  • Then roll the body right to left and vice versa in full wind releasing poses However, the head should be touching the floor (This should be done 10 times, either side),
  • Balasana - Child pose (sitting)
  • Bidalasana - Cat pose

Yoga poses (asanas) to help relieve neck ache are:


Sit in a straight-backed chair, feet planted firmly on the floor, your hands on your thighs or kneese

Neck exercises:

Bend the neck backwards and gaze at the ceilingn Hold the position for the count of 5 then return your neck and head to the normal, starting position nyou can do this around 10 timese

Next, inhale, bend the head left and make an attempt to touch your shoulder with your eara

Hold this pose for 5 counts then exhale, return your to the normal, starting positiono This can be practised around 5 times on the left side and 5 times on the righth

Then, inhale, turn your to the head leftf Hold the position for the count of 5 ana This exercise can also be practised 5 times on the left and 5 times on the righth

Finally, do a half backward rotation of your heada First do it clockwise then anti-clockwises Do it around 10 times with your eyes opene

Yoga For Neck And Backaches
Yoga Therapy for Neck and Backaches
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