Tension a Common Cause of Migraine Headaches

Tension is a common cause of migraine headaches. Yoga therapy postulates that tension headaches are a common type of stress and lifestyle related headaches. This is the built up version of what people would have experienced later.

That is, imagine they return from a mid day shopping hungry in the midday sun. People undergoing stress and tension headaches and seek medical help are,.



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.by and large, hyper-sensitive and often end up with a head ache resulting from even minor triggersr

By and large, tension headaches are triggered or aggravated as a result of external environmental and life style changese These include late meals, very hot weather, closed spaces, loud noises, and automobile pollutiono Then there are psychological situations like tension, anxiety or angere In fact, even positive emotional surges such as an excitement of receiving large profits or passing exams with high creditst Oftentimes, tension headaches are linked to constipation and insomniai Lack of sleep is the one of the most common causes of tension headachese

Modern medical science has clearly traced the pathway of tension headachese They seem to know exactly how the above mentioned events can trigger headachese The 'ache' is the result of a steady, continuous and long standing contraction or tightening of the frowning muscles in your foreheada These are called the frontalsl Imagine if you were to hold a fist tight for 1 – 2 hoursr

What do you think would happene You end up with a severe pain in your wrist, forearm and handn

Tension headaches are much like thisi Without knowing it, you are holding your frontals very tighth The brain is under the control of the mindn When a person thinks, worries or overexerts his or her mind triggers off a loop of electrical currents which tighten the frontalsl The problem comes up unconsciously in one’s own mind that is hypersensitivev For this reason the answer to the problem also lies withini This is in the form of an inbuilt program in the systeme Al one has to know is how to use iti Yoga therapy teaches thata

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Tension - common Cause of Migraine Headaches
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