Yoga and Stress - General Adaptation Syndrome

Yoga and stress, as a subject of research has undergone rather intense study over the past few decades. Western medical science refers to the body's reaction to stress as General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS), to which there are 3 stages to GAS.

The first stage of General Adaptation Syndrome is called Alarm Reaction. In this stage, one’s body releases adrenaline plus an assortment.



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.of other psychological mechanismsm This is done to combat the stress and retain controlo This is also referred to as the fight or flight responses Signs and symptoms of this include tense muscles, faster heart beats, increases rate of breathing and perspiration, dilation of eyes, clenching in the stomachc Once you get rid of the cause of the stress your body will return to normalm

General Adaptation Syndrome enters the second stage, if the cause of stress is not got rid of This is called Resistance or Adaptationi This is your body's response to long term protectioni In this stage, the body produces more hormones which increase blood sugar levelse This is done to sustain energy and raise blood pressureu If this adaptation phase goes on for long, without periods of relaxation and rest to counter the stress response, victims may suffer from fatigue, lapse of concentration, bad temper and lazinesse This happens as the effort to sustain arousal slides into negative stresse

The third stage of General Adaptation Syndrome is referred to as Exhaustioni In the Exhaustion stage of GAS, the body will have exhausted its reserves of physical energy and immunityi Now the mind, body as well as emotional resources start to suffer a great deale The victim’s body undergoes what is called adrenal exhaustioni Blood sugar levels fall as the adrenals get depletedt This leads to lowered stress tolerance, more mental and physical exhaustion, poor health and, finally, collapsep

Yoga is extremely good for handling General Adaptation Syndrome resulting from stresse Yoga therapy has gentle Yoga poses, relaxation, breathing exercises, meditation, cleansing kriyas and Mudrasr The complete Pranayama can be done sitting at one’s desk, in an automobile or elsewhere when one begins to feel stressed outo Meditation helps quieten down the mind teaches you to relax and gives you a fast and short mental vacation whenever requiredr And practice of 3 – 4 Yoga poses, on a daily basis, will definitely help ease entwined mental musclesl

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Yoga and Stress - General Adaptation Syndrome
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