Yoga Therapy for Old Age Problems

Yoga therapy for old age problems, like Yoga for a host of other reasons is growing in popularity day by day. But, how old is old? Well, as someone had once remarked: “Whatever age you are, it is the best.”< The crises today's senior citizens are facing are not very different from aging problems in the past.

Nature's life cycles are unchanging; however mental attitudes keep changing and vacillating. Regular Yoga practices add energy.



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.vigor and vitality to their lives and that of their belovedsd Senior citizens who practice Yoga regularly find themselves in far better shape than idle, lazy folk decades younger than theme Just because one is chronologically old, doesn't go to say he or she can't do physically demanding Yoga posesa It's all in the mindn However you begin with a series of gentle poses that stretch the bodyd

Breathing Awareness

Lying on the back, with legs higher than the heart feel the lower back, resting against the flooro Make sure that the knees are supportede Relax both arms by the sidese Your palms should be facing upwardsd Keep the shoulders as far away from the ears as possible and shut your eyese Slowly take your attention to the breathingn

Inhaling through the nostrils, exhale through the moutht At the same time whisper the sound “AHH”o Feel the relief of being still, awake and relaxede  Ultimately you should start to inhale and exhale only though your nostrilsl Try to practice this daily for 10 – 15 minutese

Knees to the Chest

Slide your left leg off the sofa or bed and rest both hands on the left forelege Concentrate on your breathing and witness the natural pull of gravity as your left leg relaxes towards your chests Never force or rushs 10 steady breaths and then begin all over again with the other lege

Hip Opener

Cross the outer left ankle on top of the right kneee Lightly press your inner left knee away from your left shoulder with both handsd  Relaxing your jaw, take 10 slow, deep, steady breathsh Do it with right ankle on left knee this timem

Yoga During Old Age
Yoga Therapy for Old Age Problems
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