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Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 27, 2012

Walking has become one of the most popular forms of exercise among people of all ages, in today's world. Most people, who go for long walks on a regular basis, are well aware of the importance of wearing the right walking shoes, which fit comfortably. Wearing proper walking shoes can prevent injuries, blisters and any other problems. A good walking shoe should have the features that may not necessarily...


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.be present in other shoese Walking shoes for women and men are quite differentn

Therefore, it is important to find a shoe with the necessary features and a fit that is suitable to youo

The most important aspect of a shoe is how it is built, since it affects its overall fit as well as its functiono Most walking shoes should have an Achilles notch, an ankle collar, the upper, a mid-sole, outsole and insole and a toe boxo There are some shoes that have parts which are not commonly found in the others, such as gel pads or roll barsr However, most walking shoes should have at least some features, which provide cushioning and stability to the feete Since the size and shape of feet may differ from woman to woman, it is very important to consider these two factors, when buying shoese

Before buying a pair of walking shoes, it is good to know the arch type of your footo Normally, there are three basic arch types that feet can be categorized into:

  • High arched feet: Feet that have a high arch may put extra strain on muscles and joints, because the feet do not absorb the shocks in the way that they shouldl Therefore, to make up for the absence of natural shock absorption, it is advisable to look for shoes with additional cushioningn
  • Flat feet or low arched feet: Feet that are flat or have a low arch could cause joint problems and muscle stress in the knees as well as the feet, since the feet do not support the body as well as they shouldl Shoes with motion control and a straight last are the most suitable, to stabilize flat feete
  • Neutrally arched feet: If the feet are neither high-arched nor flat, shoes with firm insoles and straight to semi curved lasts are most suitablel

Many fitness experts believe that the features that are important in good walking shoes can be found in running shoes as welll However, take time and seek the help of an athletic shoe expert, before you zero in on the most suitable pair of shoese

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