Yoga on impotence

(June 15, 2011)

Please prescribe a list of asanas, pranayamas, mudras or exercises that are PROVEN to cure impotence/softer erections back to HARD and LUSTFUL erections again?

Yoga is an ancient holistic form of treatment that addresses the root of the health problem. You can find cures for many otherwise incurable things like snoring, hair regrowth and other health ailments like hypertension. Yoga is also known to help men with impotence, erectile dysfunction or inadequate erection.  

Yoga can be a great regimen for men. There is yoga for men only and can also be tailored to suit beginners. There are many asanas that can help get rid of impotence. Yoga is such a versatile form of exercise that is can be done at home by men or women, can be done by the mentally challenged and can help anyone achieve calmness. The benefits of yoga are tremendous, where remedies can be found for all fertility-related and infertility problems. One such asana or pose is khandasana. The khandasana pose in yoga is designed to help men remove flexibility from the lower half of the body. In this asana, the pose your body forms is one that looks like a bulb. In this asana, the pose your body forms is one that looks like a bulb. You have to sit on the floor with legs on the either side of you. Bend legs so that they meet at the trunk. Then gently twist the ankles so that the soles of the feet face you. Hold your feet close to your navel. Hold this position for a few seconds before unwinding and doing it again.

Doing this asana is great for a man’s sexual health.  It exercises the reproductive organs and cures sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction and impotency. This pose is quite beneficial for the lower half of the body. The abdominal and the anal lifts are part of the yoga that is done for impotence. Some of the other poses that include these and benefit impotence are cobra pose, wind releasing pose, shoulder stand, plough pose, along with the lifts.

While there are specific asanas that help you get rid of impotence and infertility, adapting a healthier lifestyle has a better long term effect. In order to be able to do the asanas well, you have to first start with pranayam or breathing exercises. Pranayam is what teaches you how to regulate breathing. Effective breathing is the key to achieving maximum benefit from the yoga poses.  It is also important to improve your concentration and focus as you inhale and exhale. To deal with impotence, you can start with a cobra pose. For the cobra pose, you lie on your abdomen and rest your head on your arms. Bring your arms alongside your chest. Slowly lift your upper body arching your back. Count and exhale and come down to your initial position. Repeat the pose again.

The next pose you can try is an anal lift. Lie on your back with your legs bent at the knee. Inhale and as you start exhaling, contract your genital muscles. Repeat this at least five times. This anal lift increases the blood flow to the area and strengthens muscles in the genital area. The next pose you can do is the wind releasing pose.  While lying flat on the back, pull a bent knee towards your chest. Exhale as you do this. The next pose should be a sun salute. The sun salute exercises the entire body, stretching all muscles as you do. All these exercises basically improve the blood flow to the genital and reproductive area and help you deal with impotency and infertility.

There are different forms of yoga too. Kundalini yoga in particular deals with yoga to improve your sexual health in particular. Kundalini is designed to better your sex life. So if you are looking to improve your sexual health through yoga, it would be a good idea to sign up for a Kundalini yoga class with your partner.
Impotence and all other sexual maladies especially in men are also accompanied by different mental problems like anguish and anxiety. More often than not, in most cases, dealing with the mental issues automatically solves the physical problem. Meditation and breathing techniques of yoga allows you to gain strength over your mind and helps eliminate stress and anxiety, making your body more responsive to other treatments. Many yoga practitioners also feel that if you are attempting treatment through yoga, you should avoid drugs for the same problem. The aim of yoga, especially in attempting good sexual health, is to get the partner to calm down and relax enough to enjoy his or her body. If you consistently follow a lifestyle suited to the practice of yoga, you will slowly but surely start to eliminate spicy and fried foods, alcohol and smoking and other habits bad for your body. That on its own will begin to help you slowly regain your sexual health. Problems like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunctions can be remedied with regular asanas. As yoga gradually becomes an intrinsic part of your life, you will notice all the other major problems fade away.

Yoga has asanas for health issues related to women too. There is even yoga for menstrual cramps, menstruation, menstrual pain, menopause, mental illness and mental health by reducing stress and other conditions that affect the brain.  For women, there are poses which when done repeatedly can relieve hot flashes and other hormonal swings of menopause. Mood swings, a common element of menstruation, can be eliminated with meditation and deep breathing exercises. There are specific yoga poses for high blood pressure too. You can try easy poses like shoulder stretches, cat pose, half spinal twist, double leg raises and the wind releasing pose to reduce hypertension. Anuloma viloma or alternate nostril breathing has been known to be very good for hypertension.  Not just hypertension but yoga has remedies for most physical and physiological disorders.
Hair regrowth, a seemingly insurmountable problem, can be remedied with headstands. Snoring can be curtailed with the help deep breathing techniques like pranayam and poses like the roaring lion pose or the easy pose.

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Yoga poses for impotence 

Yes you can definitely correct your impotence and also get stronger erections if you practice certain yoga pose regularly. These includes cobra pose, wind releasing pose, sun salute, shoulder stand, plough pose, abdominal lift, anal lift, horse gesture, yogic seal pose, thunderbolt attitude, pranayama and meditation. Meditation and pranayama will also help you to correct problems like premature ejaculation and help in better concentration.

  • Khandasana – this asana restores sexual energy and sexual desires, while performing this asana every muscle below the navel is being exercised. To perform this asana sit on a yoga mat on the floor with legs straight stretched in the front. Widen your thighs, bend your legs at the knees and bring both the feet towards the trunk in such a way that the heels are close to the perineum and the knees are touching the floor. Hold both the feet with the respective palms that is, hold the right feet with the right palm and the left feet with left palm. With the help of your palms draw the feet upwards inverting the ankle towards the trunk. Pull your knees, thighs and place the feet against the navel and chest firmly. Relax, release hands and stretch the arms straight and rest back of hands on knees. You can also join the palms in front of the chest. Keep the back straight while in this pose and hold for 20-30 seconds breathing deeply. Practice this pose for few weeks regularly for best results. Once you get a hang of this you may even raise your hands and palms above the head together. Then in a later stage you may even join the palms behind the back and try balancing. This is very difficult part of asana so don’t try this pose when you are starting this asana. Slowly as the pelvic and other joints start moving then think of doing the master pose.

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