Yoga Asanas for Relaxation & Managing Stress in Children & Teenagers

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on December 21, 2012

Believe it or not, even children suffer from stress. Hence, the need for relaxation Yoga to handle stress in children and teenagers. Actually, we aren’t aware of it, but ever since birth a child is put through stress. True, there are times of relaxation too, but that’s mostly confined to hours of sleep. The kind of relaxation we get at recreation hardly amounts to much. This is because most of our modern day recreational activities are not soothing,...


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.gentle or comfortingn Quite the contrary, in fact they most often leave us more agitated than before we begana

Take for instance the process of being bornr What a stressful situation it isi Emerging from the cozy comforts of the silent, ocean-like womb into the noisy, raucous world of screaming doctors, nurses and interns, the smell of formaldehyde and ethyl, being handed from person to person and worst still, being turned upside down and spanked – howsoever gently – on a bare, tender bottomo If that isn’t stress in itselfl

The stress never ceasese And we don’t have to elucidate the occasions and instancese The point is how to cope with the stresss Yoga provides the answere Relaxation Yoga for managing stress in children and teenagers has proven highly effective; however, only if done on a regular basisi Start them on warm-ups and Surya Namaskara Then put them on to asanas in the following categories:

  • Standing poses
  • Sitting poses
  • Supine poses
  • Prone poses
  • Inverted poses
  • Balancing poses

Also remember to do lots and lots of Dirga Pranayama – that is slow, Yogic breathingn Then progress to Kapalabhatti and Pranayamasa Finally teach them meditation on the breatht It is also important to teach kids and teenagers the importance of a Yogic Diete Junk food can play havoc with your stomach and your health and subsequently your well-beingn Remember the maxim, “Happy mind in a body “ and abide by iti Look how they’ll be able to cope with stress of their own accordr

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