Yoga exercise for fitness

(May 23, 2008)

Plz give me list of yoga asanas that i include in my daily life..i will spent exactly 1 hour for yoga..not more than it

Yoga exercise for fitness 

Yoga for fitness is a mantra for many who want to live a healthy lifestyle. Yoga exercises has multiple benefits, it helps having a greater body awareness, helps to build a stronger and leaner body, better posture, decreases the stress and tension, improves concentration, flexibility, energy, vitality and overall health. Yoga simply means the union of your body and soul; it also leads a person to the spiritual aspect, but at a later stage. You can perform the asana according to your requirement, if you have time for an hour it is great you can utilize that time for yoga. The different type of pose will differ according to any health ailment you have for example if you have digestion or constipation problem then certain pose like vajrasana or trikonasana and parvritta trikonasana will help. But if you have spine problem or back pain then certain pose can not be useful. You can choose simple pose like eye exercise, neck exercise, prayer pose, leg back pose, push up pose, lower chest to the floor, inverted ‘V', plough pose, bridge pose, fish pose, butterfly pose, inclined pose, bow, cobra, wheel, came, spinal twist, and meditation. Breathing pattern is very important when you are doing any form of yoga for maximum benefits and fitness. 

Submitted by S M on May 23, 2008 at 04:30

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