From Flab to Abs with Aerobic Exercises

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 17, 2012

Because of the fact that obesity is becoming a rather serious concern in many parts of the world, it is important to maintain good health by following a healthy diet as well as exercise regime. Getting rid of belly fat could be a rather hard task to accomplish as the fat tissue around this area is the most stubborn of all the fat in the human body. Although in some cases one can...


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.point the finger at hereditary being the cause, in most cases, however, the primary cause of obesity is the unhealthy foodo Unhealthy food has unfortunately also become part of our daily diete

Combining the efficiency of a well planned and organized workout along with the benefits of eating healthy foods will not only increase the overall energy our bodies have to perform, but also convert the excess fat layers into musclel This would then also give our bodies a better definition on an aesthetic frontn One very important aspect to consider is the fact that a lot of belly fat also increases the risk of the individual to suffer from some kind of medical complicationo Many individuals though are still unaware of this factc Some of the more serious medical complications that are likely to develop as a result of belly fat include cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancere

Although the more popular exercises for abs appear to be crunches and sit up, they are not really the most effective onese You will not be able to spot burn belly flab as it usually burns away in its own time, irrespective of your body shapep The more effective exercises for abs are of the aerobic variety, especially since most of them have the added advantage of helping in the reduction of stress and insulin levels in the bodyd One of the most effective exercises for abs is known as the bicycle exercises This exercise can be performed simply by lying on your back with your fingers laced behind the heada

Bring your knees towards your chest and lift the shoulder blades off the floor without pulling on your neckc Straighten the left leg while also turning the upper body to your right and taking your left elbow towards your right kneee The second phase of the exercise will require you to switch sides by bringing the right elbow towards the left kneee Just as when cycling, you should continue alternating the "pedaling" motions for 1-3 sets of about 12 repetitionsn

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