Lower Body Workouts And Toning Exercises

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 17, 2012

Lower body workouts are important for women because they tend to gain weight not just on the waist, but also on the hips, thighs, and even on the calves. Also, for building overall strength and stamina, it is important to work on lower body toning exercises. You can do a mix of leg exercises, lower back exercises, inner thigh exercises, abdominal exercises and core exercises.


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The aim of including lower body exercises can be to burn fat and for improving fitness levels.

You can do a variety of exercises to tone up your lower body. Take some time out to create an exercise plan with a mix of exercises.

You can include aerobics thrice a week; brisk walks twice a week; and, maybe a swimming session or skipping for the seventh day. It is advisable to include some yoga exercises too. You can do these, first thing in the morning to freshen you up.

Lower body exercises:

  • If you choose to do some kind of aerobic exercise, then it will be good for the gluteus, the main muscle of the buttocks. These kinds of exercises stretch and tone the muscles. Walking on the treadmill, swimming, cycling, jogging and walking are some of the aerobic exercises that you can choose from. You can also enrol yourself in a class that teaches aerobic dance movements or get yourself a video and try it out at home. You can also buy a skipping rope and skip your way to good health. If you haven't skipped before, then start with skipping for a few minutes and then slowly, increase the number of skips every day. If you wish, you can choose fun alternatives such as dancing
  • Walking is a great exercise. You don't need to buy expensive equipment or enrol in an overpriced gym to enjoy the benefits of walking. Just get yourself a pair of good sports shoes and hit the track. You can walk in the morning when the whether is cool or in the evening, after work. Start with 15-20 minutes and then chalk up to 30-40 minutes every day. You can walk with a friend or carry along an i-pod. You can also walk in your daily life, maybe to and fro from work, walk to the supermarket. You can combine walking with other exercises such as bicycling and other lower body exercises
  • You can think of race-walking, as a form of very swift walking that tones up the lower body muscles
  • You may also want to do Pilates to tone up the body
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