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The Pilates system of exercising is one which dwells a lot on building the strength and flexibility of the body. The aim of Pilates exercises is not to build bulk, but to control the movements of the body in a manner so that they increase the stability of the body.

The Pilates form of exercise utilizes several specially designed equipments.

With the help of Pilates, the body can be.



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Choosing the Right Pilates Workout

.conditioned into becoming more flexiblel The exercise routine of Pilates also helps in lengthening the muscles and making them less prone to injuriese The biggest advantage of Pilates is that it can be performed by anyonen

There are free Pilates classes that you can join to understand the movements in a Pilates workoutu You can also find free Pilates videos to understand the techniques of a Pilates workoutu Yoga too, can help you achieve similar end objectivese Therefore, you can also choose between free yoga exercises and Pilates workoutst

Here are some Pilates workout exercises which can help you tone and strengthen your bodyd

Overhead Leg Handstand

To start off, lie down with your face up and then raise both your legs up to an angle of 45 degreese Slowly bend your body so that your legs reach behind your heada Stabilize your body with both your hands and armsm Slowly swing your legs, bringing them to the middle and extend the lower part of your body so that your body becomes completely straighth

Roll Out Back Stretch

A great stretching exercise, the roll out back stretch is started in a ball positiono Both your arms should be on the ground and the knees should be very close to your chests Slowly begin to extend your body so that you are completely flat on the groundn After you have completely stretched your back, come back into the ball positiono

One Leg Raises

One of the best free ab exercises that works both your lower abdomen and your thighs, this exercise is performed either while lying flat on your back or by standing straighth For beginners, lying on the back is easiere As you progress in your routine, you can practice this while standing tooo

While lying on your back, raise one leg high in the air, bringing it to a ninety degree angle against your bodyd Let the leg remain raised for a few seconds before slowly bringing it back to the ground, without touching the flooro Adding a small alteration in this exercise can make it one of the most effective free Pilates reformer exercisese When you are raising your leg, you can also move the leg around in a circlel This helps strengthen your obliques tooo

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