Ankle, Elbow, Wrist and Shoulder Strengthening Exercises

The ankle bone along with the ends of a person’s leg bones, fuse together and thus form an ankle joint. The ligaments which connect these bones help to stabilize and to support that ankle. Similarly there are the elbow bones, the wrist bones, the shoulder bones etc which all need strengthening exercises done.

Starting with the ankle there are various ankle strength exercises that one can do. However, if one has sprained their ankle,.



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.or the wrist or the elbow or the shoulder or is already suffering from other injures, they then need to wait till the initial pain has worn off along with the swelling of the injuryr

Elbow And Wrist  Shoulder Strengthening And Stretching  Exercises

For restoring the entire range of motion, some stretching exercises are required to be first done by sitting on the bed or the couch, then proceed to hold their calf up in the air, and then pull their ankle and their foot up as far as possiblel When doing this, one will feel the stretching sensation in their calf, and then continue to hold this position up to a count of at least 10, and then follow this up with 10 repetitionsn When doing an ankle sprain strengthening exercises these same exercises can be done gently and with lesser frequenciese Next when sitting at a height try holding the calf up in the air and then bringing the ankle downwards and inwardsd Again this will need to be repeated 10 timese When doing ankle stretching exercises one can also try positioning oneself at the very edge of an object like a wooden plank and then to hold on to something for balance and supportr

Then start to push the ankle down as much as possiblel Do this exercise 10 to 12 times and repeat for the next anklel An elbow strengthening exercise involves extending one’s arm straight out then slowly bending at the elbow joint and moving the arm in towards the bodyd This needs to be done 10-12 times and for both elbowsw A wrist strengthening exercise includes using one hand to hold just below the wrist of the other hand and then slowly rotating the wrist in one directiono Similarly for the shoulder strengthening exercises, knee strengthening exercises and foot strengthening exercises, one has to simply rotate each joint be it the shoulder, foot or knee gently in one direction and then the next direction to help strengthen those muscles respectivelyl

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