Yoga for Ankle

(August 18, 2008)

I had ligament injury in my ankle 3 years back, but still I am unable to walk for long distances. How can I reduce the pain and bring my ankle to normalcy by yoga asanas.

An ankle joint connects the foot with the lower leg. This joint is injured often due to wrong twisting motion. This faulty twisting motion occurs if the foot is placed improperly, uneven ground , increased amount of force is applied on the joints or if we fall badly on the ankle. . Ankle injures occur in sportsmen during athletic events like running or fast walking. It can also occur during everyday activities. Injury in the ankle occurs to the ligaments which connect the bones that come together to form a joint. This injury is called as sprain. Sprained ankle is the most common orthopedic injury that can hinder the individual to carry out everyday activities. In a normal case the ligaments can stretch slightly and can come back to its normal shape. However injury occurs if the ligaments get stretched excessively beyond the limit. In severe condition, the ligaments may be partially or completely torn.

Proper rest is necessary. Rest can fasten the healing process.  Do not put strain on the affected ankle. It is observed that frequent application of ice on the affected area for 15 to 20 minutes can reduce the pain. Wear proper fitting shoes that are comfortable and can support the feet. Take care of the uneven surfaces while walking. Elevate your legs a little by placing a pillow, chair or coffee table. Thus this practice can reduce any kind of swelling if present.  If there is still pain in the area where the injury had occurred it means that the healing process was disturbed. Thus it may take time to heal.  

It is necessary to consult a doctor regarding the pain in the ankles. Specific asana for the ankle sprain may not be available. However certain ankle stretching exercise can be beneficial. Sit down on the chair. Shift towards the front edge of the chair. Place a pillow to support your back. Stretch your legs in front of you with the heels on the floor. Bend your ankle with the toe pointing towards you. Bend your ankle with the toe pointing away from you. Repeat this procedure for 3 to 5 times.

If there is no pain in the ankle area, then stand at least 12 inches from the wall. Stand in such a way that the toes tend to face the wall. Squat down and remain in this position up to the count of 10. Repeat this exercise for 10 times.

Submitted by A V on August 18, 2008 at 12:54

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