How To Prevent A Gofler’s Elbow?

(January 17, 2013)

Golfer’s elbow is a condition known as medial epicondylitis. This injury is a form of elbow tendinitis, like the tennis elbow. Both these types of strain, though named after sports, are not always due to playing the sport. It involves injury or strain to the joint leading to pain to the muscles connecting the elbow joint to the forearms. This injury usually occurs due to repetitive stress to the joint with vigorous movements like swinging, flexing and rotating. Such repetitive motions can lead to tiny tears in the joint and inflammation with pain.

There are simple exercises you can do to prevent it or to alleviate the pain, if you experience the injury. Pronation and supination, squeezes, wrist curls, flexion and extensions are some of the exercises you can do to prevent the injury.

Pronation and supination is an exercise where you hold an object and rotate the palm from face up to face down, while keeping the arm at a ninety-degree angle across your thighs, while seated. Pronation is when the palm is face up while supination is when the palm faces down. Flexion and extension is gradually bending your palm towards the forearm while extension is the palm bending away from the forearm.


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