Yoga for hair loss

(July 25, 2008)

What are the possible yoga techniques to prevent hair fall?

According to yoga practitioners the best possible solution for hair loss lies in the practice of yoga. Loss of hair among men and women is a common phenomenon and there are various attributes to it ranging from hereditary troubles, unhealthy diets, anxiety and depression, etc. Postures in yoga are beneficial in overcoming tension, anxiousness, improper digestive functions, poor circulation of blood, that are known to be causes of hair loss. One such yoga posture known as the Headstand pose can be highly instrumental in contributing to relieving tension. Other useful Inverted posture include the downward facing dog posture, the standing and forward bending poses, the camel posture, the shoulder stand, the chest to knee pose and the vajrasana. These specific yoga poses are known to relieve mental stress and tension in the neck while helping to keep the hair healthy and beautiful.

Neck exercises are also useful in curbing hair fall. Turn the head to right five times, next turn the head towards the left five times. Slowly lift up high the head three times. Turn it slowly towards the direction of the chest three times. Lastly gently roll your head in a circular motion three times in each direction.

Other than performing these yogasanas, massage therapy is also highly recommended to combat the problem of hair loss. A gentle head massage with the help of finger tips can help in enhancing the flow of blood to the hair follicles as well as improve the growth of hair. Massage is also known to enhance the circulation of blood, which in turn boosts the state of the hair and the scalp. Vitamin E oil can also help in strengthening fragile and delicate hair. t is recommended that a few drops of the oil be massaged for a few minutes in to the scalp and left overnight. Allow yourself a gentle massage everyday for at least 10 minutes in order to energize circulation in the scalp, with or without the use of oil, with the help of the knuckles work over the skim of the scalp, towards the temples and the back of the scalp, putting pressure in cyclical motions.

Meditation as a form of yoga is extremely useful in arresting hair issues and overcoming hair loss problems. In order to start with simple meditation, one must be placed in a comfortable position preferably in a cross legged manner and with closed eyes must observe the breathing pattern.

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