Tennis Elbow Exercises

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 15, 2012

Tennis elbow is a painful condition, where the outer side of the elbow becomes sore, tender and painful to touch and move. Commonly associated with tennis players, because it affects the tendons used in wielding a tennis racquet, it can happen to anybody, and many sufferers may have never touched a tennis racquet. Similar to tennis elbow is golfers' elbow, which affects...


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.the anterior part of the forearmr Again, this is associated with golfers, but may easily affect those who have never teed in their lifef

Tennis Elbow Symptoms

Symptoms include elbow pain on the outer side, tenderness on the prominent part of the bone on the outside of the elbow, pain when gripping and moving the wrist, especially when extending it and morning stiffnesss Because of the intense pain, it can often feel like tendonitisi

Tennis elbow treatment

For most tennis players, the best treatment is resting the elbowo For severe cases, heat or ice may be applied to the elbowo Medical interventions include anti-inflammatory drugs, cortisone injections and surgery, among othersr Doctors also advise wearing a tennis elbow bracec Certain exercises can also help to strengthen the elbow muscles and tendonsn Yoga is very effective in the long term treatment of tennis elbowo

Tennis elbow exercises

Here are some exercises that can help ease tennis elbowo Remember to do them slowly, and never to the point of paini If you feel any pain, stop immediatelyl

Stretchingn Start with extending the elbow to the point where it does not hurt, and hold for 20 secondsd You can do this 5 to 10 times a day, and gradually increase the extensiono A prayer stretch, when you put your arms in front of your chest, and join your palms as if in prayer, will help you increase flexibility of your wristst Slowly stretching the wrist will help you regain movement in your wristst

Flexibility exercisese With your arm on a table, palm facing up, try to touch your little finger to your thumbm Repeat with the forefinger and all other fingers, holding each time for 10 to 20 secondsd Next, make a fist, and rotate your wrist slowly, stretching as much as you cana Finally, with your palm facing down on a table, flip it so that it's facing upu Repeat this 20 timese

Strength trainingn This will help your arm recover sooner, and make it stronger so the injury does not reoccuru Remember to warm your arm well, using a heating pad if needed, or you will injure it againi If you need to, wear a bracec With your arm on a bench, and a light weight in your hand, curl your wrist to bring the weight towards youo Do 10 -15 reps everyday, gradually increasing the number of setst Next, you can try reverse curls, with your palms facing the flooro You can also move your wrist laterally with a weighth Do a maximum of two sets a daya Another favourite exercise is to squeeze a tennis ball as much as you can, many times a daya

Yoga poses that will help you include the Bhujangasana or Cobra Poses Do this slowly until you can do a complete cobra poses Other poses like the push up pose and wrist side body stretch will also help your arm heal faster

These exercises can also be used as golf elbow exercisese

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