Exercising For Strengthening The Triceps Muscles

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 17, 2012

If you are looking to exercise your biceps, you must remember not to leave out working the other side of the arm. Imbalance in muscle tone could result in pain and injuries. Also, since the triceps are constantly at work all day long--every time you pull or push anything, the triceps would constantly be exercised. Hence the stronger the triceps are the easier will it be to push during triceps exercises.


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It is important to note that the size of the triceps muscles are pretty small, hence you might not be able to make use of greater weight training as is used by the chest or the back.

In yoga poses, the biceps and triceps muscles often contract at the same time, thus helping to steady the elbow. These contractions are experienced in specific yoga poses such as Sirsasana (the Headstand), and the Pincha Mayurasana (the Peacock Pose, also referred to as the Forearm Balance).

These yoga poses cause the body to endure (and balance) the weight on the arms.

You may want to build your triceps muscles strength through weight training. This could be the case if you are finding it difficulty with the Sun Salutations as you shift from the Plank Pose to the Chaturanga pose to the Urdhva Mukha Svanasana pose (Upward-Facing Dog Pose).

How often must the triceps be trained?

One particular exercise that would help in strengthening the triceps muscles is with the help of dumbbells. Hold a dumbbell over your head and bend your elbow to bring its weight to the back of the shoulder bone and then straighten the arm again. This particular exercise is helpful in toning the arm muscles but you would still need weight training to build up your muscles.

Just as all muscles, triceps muscles can also be exercised or trained for a maximum of three alternate days every week. If you want to exercise your triceps muscles with the help of weights, you would need to rest for at least two days in a week before you start with weights again. Remember to complete only 6 - 8 repetitions with weights. If your goal in training your triceps muscles is to push for endurance and strength, then you need to adhere to one or three sets of 10 - 14 repetitions. This should be followed by at least a day of rest before you resume your workout session again. It is important to remember that you need the use of your triceps muscles for exercising the chest as well as the back muscles.

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