Yoga for sagged breasts

(September 8, 2011)

I m a girl of 23 yrs. my breast has became very saggy and loose. can u tell me some exercises for this. also i want to increase my breast size so also tell me some exercises for this.

Can Diet Plays Important Role In Tightening Saggy Breast

Sagging breasts can affect most women due to a variety of reasons. Some of the main reasons include sudden weight loss, breastfeeding, poor health, age and childbirth. The breasts start to sag when the connective tissue becomes loose in the woman’s breast. Gravity also works on making breasts droopy. There are ways to help the breast recover some of its firmness. Besides exercise, following a saggy breast diet is known to help a lot in keeping the breast well toned. There are certain foods which help the breast muscle and skin regain some of its lost elasticity. Oats and pumpkins seeds are some of these foods. Drinking plenty of water can also contribute to skin maintaining its elasticity. Lean meats and other forms of protein should be eaten in larger quantities as these foods also help in providing the body and the breasts with the nutrition it needs to develop. Eating foods like cereals and dairy can help in providing the woman with essential carbohydrates. Eating foods that are found to be rich in omega 3 fatty acids and omega 6 fatty acids can also help in improving your breast appearance. Thus cereals, grains, certain fish, lean meats and eggs are all part of a saggy breast diet.

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Which Yoga Asanas Are Best To Get Firm Breast?

A lot of woman in today’s world would like to have firm, toned and lifted breasts. As a woman ages, her breasts will start to sag. Pregnancy and breast feeding are two other factors that can change the shape of your breasts and cause them to droop. There are some basic chest exercise for women that could be coupled with yoga positions that help in toning the muscle around the breast. A simple yoga position is the Tree pose or the Vrikshasana. Start by breathing normally and raising one’s hands above the head and keep them joint. Next stand on one’s toes and put all the weight on one’s left leg. Then lift the left foot and put its sole on to the inner part of the right thigh while stretching one’s hands above, then breathing out, lower one’s hands and resume a normal standing position. Some other exercises for sagging breasts include doing the Suryanamaskara. The Ardha Matsyendrasana is also useful in tightening sagging breasts as is the Sitting position. The Bhujangasana also known as the cobra pose is also recommended for women to wish to firm up and tone their breasts. It is always recommended that one do these exercises under proper guidance.

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How To Tighten Sagging Breast?

Breasts are glands made up of fat, tissues and one of their main functions is to produce milk. They are not muscles. Hence, unlike muscles which can be shaped and toned with exercise, the appearance of the breasts would depend on your age, pregnancy, genes and to some degree exercise. In today’s world most women aspire to have firm, toned and lifted breasts. Breasts do begin to sag when a woman ages. Also pregnancy and breastfeeding do take a toll on a woman’s breasts. There is no real way to remedy saggy breast, but there are many women who have experienced power yoga for saggy breast as an effective option. There are various ways in which a woman can work on toning her breast. A simple step in yoga that is effective for toning the breast is the sitting pose. The Cobra pose or Bhujangasana is also useful in firming up the breast. Alternatively, an application of moisturizer or cream along with an effective breast massage will also work as a beneficial loose breast home remedy. You could conduct this massage on your own massaging the breast in an upward motion. It is also necessary that you follow proper standing and walking techniques so as to keep your breast well toned.

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As far as I know there is nothing Yoga can do to increase size of breasts. They are God-given……….however you could try practising the whole package of Yoga poses, breathing exercises and Yoga kriyas.

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