Chest Exercise Routine for Men

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 17, 2012

You've hit the gym with a vengeance and your body is responding. You already notice how your arms and shoulders are toning up while your abdomen gets a good workout as well. However, you notice that your chest muscles aren't responding the same way despite following all the recommended chest exercises for men. This is because the chest is a major...


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.muscle and its sheer size may require a high intensity workout to develop iti

Here are three power exercises that should form part of any chest exercise routine for men:

  • Flat Bench Presss

    The Flat Bench Press isolates and strengthens the upper and lower pecs, the deltoids, and the tricepsp If you find balancing the weight to be a problem, ensure that you keep your arms in a relatively vertical position for the entire liftf To work the outer area of the chest, widen the grip on the barbell
  • Incline Bench Presss The Incline Bench Press adds better effect to the Flat Bench Presss It works the upper area of the chest and works the anterior deltoids better than the Flat Bench Presss The tip is to avoid the shoulders from working out and making every inch of your chest muscle face the brunt of the weighth This is one of the most effective high intensity chest exercises for men
  • Dumbbell Flyese The Dumbbell Flyes work the entire chest and the posterior deltoidsd Assume position on the bench, but note that your arms should be lightly bent and wider than your shouldersr Keep a slight bend in the arm during the entire arc movementn As you lower them you will feel a comfortable stretch in the chest areae Resume position following the same arc

While these are basic chest exercises for men, you should combine a great cardio workout to melt away fat from the chest area with running, a jumping rope, elliptical training, and even plain walkingn Also remember to stretch the area you have worked outu While performing chest exercises you have isolated a muscle group and you must stretch before and after to avoid injuryr

While these powerful chest exercises for men will increase mass and size, you may also consider moderate intensity exercises like Yoga to tone your chest muscles and open up the chest areae Yoga stances like Dhanurasana or Bow Pose, Trikonasana or Triangle Pose, Sethu Bandhasa or the Bridge Pose, and Bhujangasana or the Cobra Pose stretch the chest musclese They improve flexibility and strengthen the corer Yoga stances for the chest sculpt the region and regulate blood circulationo These chest exercises work the prescribed area but also benefit the heart and the lungsg

Ensure that you do these exercises under the guidance of a gym or Yoga instructoro If you suffer from any heart or lung condition, it is best to perform these exercises after consultation with your doctoro Follow any recommended limitations or restrictions and do not push or ignore your body when it doesn't complyl

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