Upper And Lower Back Exercises & Stretches For Back Pain

Your back is an important part of your body that is often neglected and even if worked on, people normally focus on lower back exercises and not on exercises that strengthen the upper back but these are equally important as it supports and carries the weight of the upper body.

For this, there are a number of upper back stretches that can be performed where in you can cross your legs and.



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Exercises for Biceps

.sit on the floor, put your arms up in the air and stretch with your fingers close to each othere While your arms are still stretched out, bend slightly to your left and then to the right to stretch it even morer Another stretching exercise involves stretching your arms in front of you while you are sitting on a chair with your hands together and move forward with both your arms as you apply pressure on your upper and mid backc You will be in this position if someone is trying to pull out your arms while you try to pull yourself backc

While performing the above mentioned stretches, it is important that you take deep breaths each time you are stretchingn These upper back workouts are a great way to relieve upper back paini

Shoulder, Chest, Bicep, And Middle Back Exercises

Middle back exercises are beneficial to strengthen the middle back so that they become more resistant to strain and can endure pain for a longer durationo A simple exercise for this is to lie on the ground on your stomach with your hands to the side and slowly lift your head, back and neck backwards and stretch for a few seconds and repeat this a couple of timese

Shoulder exercises can be done to tone up the shoulder muscles or in case if there is any pain or injury caused to the shouldere Most of these exercises are for the rotator cuff that enables movement in a circular motiono For men, having a good and well toned chest and biceps are the two most important things that account for a good physiqueu They thus, take extra care and attention to make sure that they tone these musclese Some of the best chest exercises are flat bench press, dumbbell fly, barbell bench press and dumbbell bench presss Biceps exercises are good and can be done if you want to tone the muscles or build solid and strong musclese Standing barbell curls and standing dumbbell curls are the two most effective exercises to get the hard and toned biceps that you wantn

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