Triceps Stretch

Triceps are muscles on the back of your upper arm and are used at length while performing a range of work outs. You should always include at least one triceps stretch exercise in your warm up and cool down sessions to improve muscle health and avoid injury.

Triceps stretching is very important since it provides the muscles flexibility and durability. Triceps stretch for runners and other sportsmen is important as all sports involve pressing movements of the chest,.



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Exercises For Triceps

.shoulders and forearms that include the tricepsp

Types of Triceps Stretches:

There are different types of stretches that one can perform in order to help out with the tricepsp Below are some useful overhead stretches and triceps stretch for runners:

Stretch 1 :

  1. Stand firmly and pull one elbow across the body (in front) towards the opposite shouldere
  2. Now use the other hand and pull your elbow closer to your shouldere
  3. Hold to one side for 10 to 15 seconds and switch sidese

Stretch 2:

  1. Lift your right arm over the head; bend your elbow so that your hand reaches downwards towards your backc
  2. Move your left hand at the back, grab your right hand and try to pull the right elbow backwards, breathe slowlyl
  3. Be gentle and do not overdo, to avoid injuryr
  4. Hold for 15 seconds and repeat on the other sided

Stretch 3:

If you are working out in a gym; the triceps dip, using the parallel dipping bar and the assisted chip machines will be especially good for youo For this routine

  1. step up on the triceps dip bar and firm up your gripi

  2. Take your weight on your arms, lean forward and lift your legs off the steepe
  3. Lower yourself slowly till your lower chest is on the same level with your handsd
  4. Now push yourself up and come down for about 2 to 4 timese
  5. Come down on your feet and repeata

Triceps Stretch: Do's & Don'ts

You should always remember a few dos and donts while performing your triceps stretch exercises


  • Do a light cardio warm up, treadmill or bicycle for 5 minutes before stretchingn


  • Do not hold the position of your stretch for more than 15 secondsd
  • Do not spend too much time stretching as it makes concentrating difficult and leads to a high drop-out ratet
  • Do not hold your breath, breathe normallyl
  • Do not work on your pain zones as it could injure the soft connective tissuese

Triceps Stretch Benefits

  • The answer to developing the arms is to avoid overtraining the small muscle groupsp Since these muscles extend to your chest, back and shoulders, regular stretching will protect the entire torso against injury and improve circulation, flexibility, posture, increase joint mobility and relieve stress
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