Chest Stretches

The muscles of your chest and back can get stiff and sore easily. Hunching over your desk at work, driving for long hours, picking up heavy objects, all put extra pressure on your back, shoulder, and chest muscles. A strong chest can also improve your posture and prevent chronic back pain and problems with the spine and neck.

Studies show that chest stretches are the best way to warm up muscles before your workout. If you want to know how to stretch chest muscles.



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.properly, there are several online tutorials that can teach you the correct techniqueu Alternatively, if you are a beginner, you can consult with a trainer who can supervise your workout and stretching routine and make sure that you receive the maximum benefits from your work outu During any work out muscles are contracted repeatedlyl By the end of your workout, your muscles will be significantly shorter than before especially if you are weight trainingn Stretching helps bring the muscles back to their original form after your exercise sessiono In short, chest stretches allow the body to heala

Types Of Chest Stretches

There are several types of chest stretchese Different stretches target the three large muscle group of the pectoralis major, pectoralis minor, and bicep brachiii Following are some easy chest stretches that you can incorporate into your exercise routine:

Standing Chest Stretch

Stand with your feet, shoulder distance apart and clasp your hands behind your backc If you can't do this you can use a band or a rolled up towele Keep your hands as close together as possible and raise them slowly upwardsd Squeeze your shoulder blades together and feel your chest muscles opening up with this classic stretchc

Partnered Chest Stretch

Stand straight and hold your arms out behind youo Your partner has to stand behind you and guide your arms till they are parallel to the flooro He then has to gently push your wrists as close together as possiblel Hold for 30 seconds and releases

Wide Arm Stretch Chest

Stand straight with your feet shoulder distance apartr Lift arms to the side at the height of your shoulders and raise your palms upwardsd Push your arms gently backwards and feel the stretch in your chest musclese Hold for 30 seconds and releases

Pointed Elbows Stretch Chest

While you stand straight, keep your hands on your lower back with your fingers pointing downwardsd Elbows should be parallel to your sidese Move your elbows slowly backwards till you feel the stretch on your chests Hold for 30 seconds and releases

Hands Behind Head Stretch Chest

Stand or sit up straight and interlock your fingers behind your heada Your elbows will be pointing to the sidese

Now move your elbows back and towards each other as far as you cana Hold this stretch for 30 seconds and releases

Arm On Wall Stretch Biceps And Chest

Stand facing a wall and place one entire forearm against the walll Your palms should face the wall and be at shoulder heighth Turn your body away from the wall and feel the stretch in your chest and bicep musclese You can adjust your arms higher and lower on the wall to stretch the chest muscles at different pointst Repeat the stretch on the other sided

Chest Stretches Precaution

All stretches for chest muscles can improve flexibility and increase your range of motiono Chest stretches also build strength so that you can perform better and lift heavier weights during your workoutu But the correct precautions for chest stretches have to be taken or else you may end up doing more damage than goodo

  • Never working out a cold musclel
  • Stretching a muscle is only effective if it has been warmed up and is pliablel Otherwise the entire process of stretching can be a waste of timem
  • Hold each stretch for a minimum of 30 secondsd Less than this and the muscle doesn't even receive the signal from the brain to relax and lengthen, thus negating the point of the exercises
  • As with any type of stretch, chest stretches should never be held to the point of paini
  • Mild discomfort is the aim of a good stretch but if you feel any sharp or tearing pain, stop the exercise immediatelyl

Benefits Of Chest Streching

  • One of the biggest benefits of chest stretches is that it increases your range of motiono In terms of your workout, this means that your chest exercises themselves will be more effectivev
  • Working out your chest muscles with weights also tends to make your muscles tightere This can affect your posture making your hunchc
  • Regular chest stretches can loosen these muscles and improve your posture by aligning your shoulder blades properlyl
  • Stretching your chest muscles also allows for growth, making more space for your muscles to expandn
  • Most importantly, chest stretches can increase blood circulation to flush out the toxins that have built up during your workoutu This reduces wear and tear, soreness and any chance of injuryr
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