Pilates Mat Exercises and Routines

One of the best and easiest ways to keep in shape is by practicing Pilates routines. There are many different exercises in Pilates that not only help you stay in shape but also make your body more flexible and toned. Pilates exercises do not require any expensive equipment for practicing.

There is a large range of exercises, many of which can be performed on the floor.

Some of the mat exercises of Pilates are easy to perform.



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Choosing the Right Pilates Workout

.However, before you begin, it is always good to have a small warm up sessiono Once you warm up, your body eases into the exercisese When your muscles are warm, they are easier to stretch and your range of motion is also increasede After you have completed the warm up exercises, you will find that your body is ready to practice some of the more complicated exercisese

Some of the best abdominal Pilates mat exercises are:

1>Leg Stretch

Leg stretches are a great workout that not only help tone and stretch the legs but also helps to strengthen the abdomene Though a simple exercise, there are several variations that you can introduce to make the exercise harder or easiere Double straight leg is a variation, where you can lie down on the mat with both your knees bentn Slowly lift your knees so that they are in the table top positiono Now pulling in the abdominal muscles, curl up your body, holding on to either your knees or your anklese

Now inhale as you extend both your legs out to one end while stretching your arms to the other endn

You can repeat this many timese This is one of the best lower ab pilates exercisese

2>The Hundred

In Pilates, the hundred is an intense workout in which various modifications can be incorporated to make it more or less difficultl Though it is often used as a warm up exercise, it can be used in the main workout routinen For this exercise, it is also important to keep a breathing rhythmh When you perform this exercise over and over again, you learn to breathe in rhythmh

Some of the other mat exercises which you can perform are the Pilates side kick series, the Pilates corkscrew, chest lift and roll upsp To tone thighs, Pilates exercises can be used easilyl You can also use these exercises to tone other specific parts of your bodyd

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