Exercises With Pilates Ball for Balance

Excercise using Pilates ball is an excellent way to become more fit. Your posture and body awareness improve naturally and so does your balance. Best part is that you build overall strength and endurance.

At first you might feel unsteady; quite expected, sitting on the exercise ball. Nevertheless, this feeling will pass away the more practising you do. As your muscles and joints get better at responding to the unsteady environment.,.



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.your core stabilization muscles, abdominals and back muscles will strengthene

Cautions for Pilates ball exercise

Pilates excercise balls are loved by physical therapistst This is because, besides being extremely effective, they are versatile, fun, and easy to uses Before starting the exercise program, you must consult your health care professionala This is just to make sure that the program is appropriate for youo

Likewise, always pay attention to your bodyd If you feel any exercise causing you to pain – stopo Never push yourself or attempt too muchc Slowly and gently will get you there; so be patientn One of the best things about Pilates exercise is they make for serious fitnesss At the same time, using them can be funu

Usage tips for Pilates ball exercises:


  • Wear comfortable clothese It is fine to be barefoot so long as you can maintain tractiono Or else, wear athletic shoese
  • Give yourself lots of roomo Choose a location in which you have plenty of space around youo
  • Warm up your muscles before you start exercisingn
  • To maintain your balance, focus your eyes on a fixed pointn
  • Always remember to breathe normallylMake sure to exhale during the toughest phase of the exercise and inhale during the easiests
  • Move in a controlled wayaAfter finishing the exercises, stretch yourselfl


  • While you are on the ball, never bounce while bending, twisting or rotating your spine
  • Never hold your breath
  • If you start to lose your balance, stop, don't continueu On the contrary, you ought to reposition yourselfl
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