Yoga advice to start exercising after leg fracture

(May 4, 2007)

Hello, I fractured my leg and have healed but want to get back into exercising. What would you recommend on a change into the Yoga direction with exercise as well as diet. Thanks

Since your fractured leg has just healed externally – and is, probably still healing internally – you ought to take it easy. Remember great Yogis like Bikram Choudhury of Bikram Yoga fame healed themselves (read more about it in our Bikram Yoga Series:

For the time being I’d suggest you follow the advice you find on the following URLs:

For the rest, you need lots of rest and relaxation. Remember, it’s still a case of mind over matter. May the better man win!

Submitted by A on May 4, 2007 at 04:29

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