Pilates Yoga Ball and Exercise Mats

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 14, 2012

Practicing yoga or Pilates is very healthy for your body. Practicing different yoga styles can change your life completely as yoga has a major impact on all the body systems and organs. Pilates is now equally popular, although it is not as old as yoga. With the development of yoga and Pilates and with the huge number of people starting to practice these two holistic forms of exercise,...


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.there are many different equipments and props to help yoga and Pilates students perform different exercisese The basic equipment that should be used by every student of yoga or Pilates is the Pilates yoga mata

This mat is used to provide a simple cushion beneath you while you are performing your workouts and posturese There are several types of these mats but generally, they are washable and non -slipi The Pilates exercise mat is an essential piece of equipment that you need to buyu It will help you perform difficult stretched comfortably and you will not get tired quicklyl The Swiss ball is one of the most popular props used in yoga and Pilates studioso The popularity of this prop is a direct result of the many televised fitness programs that use this ball in fitness exercisese Pilates ball workout programs help to tone your body and give you extra strengtht There are several sizes of this ball so choose one relative to your body sizez Do not forget to purchase the ball with the ball pumpm After all, you have to deflate the ball in order to store it or take it in your cara If you have many yoga balls or if you are running a yoga studio then consider buying an electrical pump to quickly inflate and deflate these ballsl If you have only one Swiss ball and you do not take it out of your house consider buying a manual pump and then you can make use of the extra money you save in buying other yoga equipmentn You will also benefit from the physical exercise of pumping air into your balll Another important yoga or Pilates equipment is the Pilates foam rollere This piece of equipment is used to support you while performing different poses and asanas and it is also used for massage purposese The Pilates foam roller can be found as a complete roll or half roller to suit different yoga asanas and Pilates stretchese

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