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(August 17, 2008)

I practice yoga 5 times a week and want to know what should be the duration of a yoga workout and the best asanas for weight loss?

Obesity or overweight can cause problems in an individual. If the person's weight is 20 percent higher than the ideal body weight it is called as over weight. If the person's weight is 30 per cent greater than the ideal bodyweight it is called as obesity. Obesity can lead to a number of other disorders like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, asthma and even varicose veins. Factors that affect obesity are heredity, sedentary lifestyle, less amount of exercise or physical activity, consumption of heavy and rich foods, hormonal imbalance.

Regular exercise is beneficial like walking, swimming or cycling. Going to the gym can also help in carrying out workouts under the guidance of the trainer. However this needs to be done with the help of a doctor who can carry out a physical check up to check if you are fit enough to carry out exercises. However certain exercises may not be suitable for some people leading to side effects that can bog down the individual.

Diet plays an important role in reducing weight. Have fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber. Avoid fried foods or even processed foods. Avoid animal fats and go in for plant oils. Prefer whole grain cereals, pulses and legumes. Have frequent meals with a gap of 2 hours.

Certain yoga postures that can be useful for reducing weight are:

Kunjal kriya (Regurgative cleansing): It is a cleansing technique for the stomach and the lungs. It is done early in the morning. As you get up and brush your teeth, clear the bladder and the bowel. On an empty stomach drink 7 to 8 glasses of warm water with a dash of salt added. Water can enter through the stomach and can pass through urine and with that the acid present in the stomach gets flushed out. Apart from this take four fingers into your throat and try to belch out the water. This can remove the food from the food pipe and the throat.

Balasana (Child's pose): Kneel down on the floor. Sit on your heels and let the knees be placed wide apart. Bend your trunk into the thighs and narrow the hip point towards the navel so that the trunk rests inside the thighs. Place your palms on the floor facing upwards with the shoulder front resting on the ground. This is generally the resting pose and can be done by beginners.

Virasana: Also known as the heroes pose. Sit in a kneeling position. Place your knees hip area wide from each other and place the sole of your feet downwards. Sit straight on the floor between the feet. Place the hands on the thighs and close your eyes. Feet should be straight and not turning inward or outward.

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