Fat loss exercises

(September 5, 2010)

Kindly tell me yoga exercise for reducing hips, arms & thighs

Nowadays on account of the sedentary lifestyles of people and their busy schedules weight gain resulting in them being obese or overweight is a serious problem as it may result in many heath issues later on in their lives. Alternatively one should also not try to lose weight by starving oneself or going on crash diets as weight loss in this manner may result in poor quality skin and hair. The ideal way to lose weight is gradually and for a long term basis. Yoga is considered to be one of the best ways to lose weight as it tends to tone the body in a uniform manner unlike several popular weight loss programs which tend to result in weight loss but with side effects. It should be pointed out that even a healthy and physically active lifestyle will have little effect if your diet remains healthy, which is why a combination of diet and yoga is recommended.
Additionally one of the benefits of yoga for weight loss is that it can be practiced at any age to keep the body fit and supple. One of the ways to lose weight naturally via yoga is to practice the various cleansing techniques such as Basti(colon cleansing),Baghi(tiger exercise), Laghu Shankha Prakshalan (digestive system cleansing technique) etc. One may also practice various yoga asanas which may be specific to men’s health as well such as the Cobra pose, the squat and rise pose, and spinal twists among others. Yoga is known to be highly effective in weight reduction in a healthy manner because it directly tends to influence the metabolism of the individuals body by acting upon the various hormonal secretions that take place in the body. In fact yoga if practiced correctly and often is known not to act only on the metabolism but also on the fat cells. Try and follow a balanced diet, but eliminate excessively fatty and sugar rich foods like junk foods and substitute with a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. This combination of a healthy diet with yoga practice can produce great results.
Yoga also helps one de-stress and overcome anxiety which are some of the major causes of overeating resulting in weight gain. One of the benefits of yoga is that its stimulate the lethargic thyroid glands thereby increasing their hormonal secretions and controlling and reducing weight. Practicing the various yoga asanas and also following a healthy diet with yoga is also known to help alleviate one from medical issues such as asthma, obesity, arthritis, Chronic fatigue, and AIDS. Along with the physical benefits yoga also tends to have several spiritual and psychological benefits by helping one feel better and also sets one on the path of discovering themselves via mediation and also makes one aware of their different levels of consciousness.  Studies have also shown that yoga is known to help people with respiratory problems a swell if practiced on a regular basis.

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Weight loss exercises 

Yoga is a sure mode to lose weight when you follow regularly with a balanced diet. focus on losing the overall body weight, your arms, hips and thighs will also show difference. Yoga asanas not only help the body to lose weight but indirectly also helps to secrete certain hormones which help in fat metabolism. For example poses like shoulder stand and fish posture – these asanas stimulate the thyroid gland which plays an important role in fat metabolism that means it helps to convert fat into muscle and energy. Try the following asana for specific body weight loss for your thighs hips and arms – tree pose, dog pose both face u and face down, hero pose, swinging lotus pose, celibacy pose, bridge pose both face up and face down, rise pose, squat, hero pose I and II, sun salute, triangle pose, advanced wind releasing pose, butterfly pose, and angle pose.

  • Advanced wind releasing pose or Pawanmuktasan – lie down on the floor on a yoga mat with your back touching the mat. Breathe in. Fold both the legs at knees and with the help of your palms get them close towards the stomach. Lift your head slowly and try to touch your nose to the knees breathing normally and holding for 30 seconds. Relax and return to the normal position slowly.
  • Butterfly pose – sit on a yoga mat or on the floor comfortably in sukhasana. Bring the soles of both the feet together near the crotch area bending the legs at knees. Interlace your fingers and hold both the feet for support. Remember to keep your spine and head straight and don't raise your heel. Support the elbows on your thighs. Breathe in, without using elbows press both the thighs downwards. Then raise both the knees upwards while exhaling, repeat this 15-20 times with a proper breathing rhythm. 

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