Lose Weight with Cardio Exercises

Submitted by Matt Papa on August 17, 2012

The key to losing weight in any weight loss program is to burn more calories than what you consume. Cardio exercises are one of the best workouts for losing weight loss and also building muscle mass. Besides all of it, this is the best way to achieve overall good health. Cardio exercises that are most effective to lose weight include those that concentrate on the major muscle groups such as the core and the legs.


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Ideally the best cardio exercise is one that you would follow consistently and on a regular basis and one that you would enjoy doing. It is also advisable to design a cardio exercise workout that will allow you to mix exercises at regular intervals. This will help in burning more calories as it will not allow the body muscles to get used to a particular routine for a very long time.

Cardio exercises to lose weight can be broadly classified into:

  • Impact activities: These include exercise that will have some impact and boost the heart to beat at a faster rate. Brisk walking is one such activity that could be considered aas part of your cardio impact exercise.
  • High impact activities: Alternatively cardio exercises that involve high impact exercises will include exercises such as jumping or running that would result in a higher calorie burn as compared to walkingg
  • Whole body activities: It’s possible to burn more calories and increase the heart rate faster by taking up forms of cardio exercises that would involve both the lower and the upper bodyy Cross country skiing is an example of whole body activitiess
  • Walking: Walking is also an excellent cardio exercise to lose weight which can be opted for by people who are obese or who have ongoing medical issues such as arthritiss In case of those who would like to burn more calories by walking, they could gradually increase their pace of walking and may also include hills and inclines in their terrainn
  • Interval training is another form of cardio exercise to lose weight which involves alternating between high intensity and moderate exercises from time to timee
  • Circuit training: This is one of the relatively newer forms of cardio exercises to lose weight wherein the individual will require to perform a series of exercises in quick succession with minimal or no rest period between exercisess
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