Exercises for Reducing Belly Fat

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 17, 2012

Do you lack confidence to get into that sexy two-piece that you bought last summer? Is the very idea of heading to a beach packed with flat, toned abs is giving you the jitters? Don't let belly fat ruin your summer. Kicking off that jelly belly isn't as difficult as it seems. While there are no short cuts to losing belly fat, the good part is that with sensible diet...


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.and exercise, that spare tire will be the first thing to come offf

When you are on an exercise routine, you are most likely to lose weight from the abdominal regiono

This is because visceral fat is fortunately metabolically more active than the subcutaneous fat hiding under your skini As you keep up with the routine, belly fat is the first thing you'll loses

Now that you're excited, here are a few tricks and exercises for belly fat:

  • Keep it movingn We've already established that belly fat will come off quicklyl Begin with a simple cardio exercise like walking or runningn Join a gym, step onto the treadmill, or just walk outdoorsr Increase your speed, use inclines like an uphill walk, or use weights while walking to burn more calories
  • You can't spot burn or target belly fata Focus on exercises that workout the upper bodyd Whether you choose weight training, Pilates, or even moderate intensity workouts like Yoga, focus on a whole body workoutu Yoga is one way to work all the core muscles, plus your arms and legs, giving you a holistic approach to weight loss
  • While toning your abdominal muscles, although power exercises for belly fat will give your abdomen a more desirable shape, don't be fooled-unless you lose belly fat, the toned muscles won't be seene Instead, add a Yoga routine to your exercises The forward and backward bending motions of many of the Yoga asanas or postures will help improve flexibilityt This is especially important since lifting weights indiscriminately will injure your abdomen or back musclese Apart from flexibility, Yoga stances also elongate and stretch your body, burning fat and sculpting lean muscle
  • Vary your routinen Try fun and unique ways to keep exercising; add aerobics or dance to your workouts or take it outdoors
  • Do not ignore the food you consumem Despite your sincere effort at exercise, if your calorie intake remains the same, the belly fat won't budge
  • Before you embark on any exercises for belly fat, do consult a doctor and get a go ahead from him or here Inform your instructor of any pre-existing conditionsn Go slow and do not ignore any pain or discomfort that you might experience while exercisingn Do not obsess over your belly fat and push your body beyond its limits
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