Exercises For Seniors - Stretching, Aerobic and Walking

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 17, 2012

Exercise is the key to feeling better and living longer. Exercise also is not confined to any particular age group. In fact whether young or old it is good to have a regular exercise routine to help you to remain active and healthy. The most important aspect is to find an exercise routine that corresponds to your age and one that you would be comfortable doing.


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Most old people complain of their in ability to do certain thing and usually end up blaming it on their increasing age, but the truth in losing mobility and agility is the lack of exercise in their lives. The less you move around and work your muscles the more sedentary they get and slowly stop functioning to their maximum potential. Exercises for seniors not only help to increase their mobility and strength but also helps to reduce chances of diabetes and heart problems.

Moreover it helps people with arthritis pain and it also can be useful to reduce depression and make you worry less. Where old people are concerned it would also give them a sense of independence and help them to feel secure. Exercise for seniors is very different from that of younger or middle aged individuals. As you get older your body tends to lose the supple and smooth way that your muscles used to move. Stiffness and strained movements become common for older people and therefore it is necessary to take on exercises that will first help to loosen up the muscles and then go on to more specific exercises. A slow warm up of nearly 20 minutes is necessary where mild stretching exercises can be done to try and loosen up the muscles and make them more flexible. Stretching the arms and legs will also prepare you for the next level of anaerobic or aerobic exercise. One of the most popular exercises with older people is walking because not much of strain is involved in that. Walks can last up 20 - 40 minutes depending up on the pace that they are comfortable in. Apart from walking bicycling and swimming are also exercises that can help you build your muscles movement and reduce the chances of injury. Balance exercises are necessary for seniors, as with increasing age, muscles and reflexes do not work as earlier. As they come more confident of moving and exercising they will be able to go on to other exercises. Joining a health club for older people can help them interact with likeminded people, and be able to share their needs and worries.

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