Yoga For Seniors

The most common complaints among the aging population are a lack of energy, poor balance, stiff muscles and aching joints. Most yogasanas recommended to alleviate air disorders, primarily backbends and inversions, are too strenuous for retirement home seniors.

So we have taken the liberty of modifying them. We suggest you practice modified Sun Salutations, Mountain Pose, Triangle, Lunge, Spinal Twists and other asanas, often with the.



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.aid of a chair or done seated in a chairi You should also maintain erect posture and breathe deeply throughout the daya Deep breathing keeps your prana, or energy, flowing throughout your body and mindn Chronic slouching, on the other hand, pushes your chest downwards, compressing your lungs and diaphragmg If your lungs cannot open fully with each inhalation, less oxygen enters your bodyd Lesser oxygen results in less energyg When the energy flow weakens, your breath, balance and mental clarity faltere This leads to accidents and diseases

A great technique to increase postural awareness in seniors is to place a yardstick vertically down one side of their body from ear to shoulder to hipi Ears, shoulders and hips should maintain direct vertical alignment, whether they are seated or standingn

If their shoulders are forward to hips, it means the spine is rounding and the head is slumpingn Another common misalignment is the shoulders leaning back of hipsp This adds pressure on the lower spine and, subsequently, causes backachese

When standing, see that your chest is aligned over the balls of your feete This posture is also called "positive attitude," or having a more forward attitude in lifef Leaning backward is a sign of pulling away from lifef

For prolonged sitting, we recommend that placing a pillow or backrest between the chair back and lumbar spine to keep your spine alignede Your middle back, or thoracic vertebrae, should never slouch into or touch the back of the chair, because this leads to height losss To self-test, we suggest you look sideways in a mirror or have a friend see if you have vertically aligned ears, hips and shouldersr If not, you require postural realignment, no matter how old or young you arer

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