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The thought that life can be simple for many of us is a dream and a hope that we cannot afford to wait to happen. We have to make an attempt towards it. It is only in good health that our lives seem worth living.

Fortunately, we have all come to realize, more than ever before, that we all have to do our part in building and maintaining our own health. This has to be done in spite of all the factors against us, such as.



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Can too much food be harmful?

.environmental pollution, water problems, chemicals in food and many othersr

Most of us realize that the simple life is normally the healthiest and that it is most advisable to eat healthy fresh, natural foodo We must also avoid the processed and refined commercial productst Each of them usually contains chemicals and preservatives that we would not choose to eat - that is, if we read the labele At any rate, there is nothing as enjoyable as simple fresh food prepared in the home kitchene

Exercise seems to be a bit of a problem but we are usually fortunate to have access to health farms and fitness establishmentst These encourage exercises Body building also encourages us to exercise, just as local walks and our Yogic exercise disciplinese However, we never seem to be able to do enough exercise as there never seems to be enough timem We have to make time for ourselves or elses

We all know that we should breathe deeply to get enough oxygen for our body cellsl However, pollution makes it difficult, particularly for those who already suffer from asthmam We therefore have to practice yogic breathing exercises in the best possible outdoor situation, as it is inadvisable to practice in air conditioned environmentst Yogic teachings give deep breathing and breath control top priorityt

We may have forgotten to consider the importance of body posture when sitting, walking or at times of rests However, through the practice of Yogasanas one becomes more aware that the body can only function well if the vital organs are not under constant pressurer As a result, we begin to stand talll

So, for better health and as a simple natural health insurance program, we must consider hygiene, fresh food diet, body posture, exercise and our breathing habitst What about other factors, such as the psychological ones, which will make us happyp

In Yoga classes you learn how to relax our minds and bodies for two reasonsn You become free from stresses and strainsn

You also enjoy a whole range of pleasant moods and feelings when you are quiet and there is nothing to dod You start to become aware of other parts of your nature that you have long neglected on account of constant activityt

Relaxing out on the floor isn't half as difficult as it may soundn In fact it becomes quite comfortable once you get used to being without mattress and pillowo As you lie there, eyes closed instead of going to sleep, you feel so calm and almost floatingn In fact, it is so pleasant, you seem to be only feeling instead of thinkingn Just by lying still, unmovingn It's any day better than taking sedativese

Meditation is another form of relaxation for the mindn However we have to sit upright to do thisi Some people just cannot manage to sit cross leggede In fact, not many folks can do so in a classs Then again classes have alternative positions and they are able to find one that's suitablel You'll even stop thinking about whether you left the door open, the stove on and other things that usually come into mindn You will learn to like to practice this at homem

Somehow when you are relaxed you start to feel more contentn Then you start to think more clearly - in deciding what you really want with your lifef Then you find you have the energy and vitality needed to go ahead and do iti In living fully, you come to realize that you are happyp It's that simplel

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