Yoga for Couples

Yoga promises to unite the finite self with the Infinite Self. There is no better way to enjoy that journey than by practising Yoga with your partner. Sexuality and spirituality are just as mutually inclusive.

As a matter of fact, the ancient yogis understood that a worshipful attitude towards your partner created a neuro-chemical change in the brain. This is allowed for the experience of ecstasy and bliss.


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To augment the experience of oneness Kundalini yoga employs a variety of sacred yogic meditations for couples, called Shukra (or Venus) Kriyas. The word “kriya” means action but kriya is not just any action. It is action that leads to a total manifestation – that allows a thought come into actuality, a desire become a commitment. Kundalini yoga kriyas consist of a sequence of postures, breath and sound integrated to permit the manifestation of a particular state.

As a regular spiritual practice, Venus Kriyas are excellent meditations for couples. There are quite a few Venus Kriyas. However, they are especially effective if couples pick one meditation to practice consistently for 40, 90 or 120 days to integrate a particular aspect of the relationship. For example, 40 days to change a habit, 90 days to confirm the habit and 120 days to make the new habit part of themselves. These meditations are a particularly beautiful practice that can take your relationship to a higher level.

To get started, sit down opposite each other; put your hands together in prayer mudra (palms of the hands together with the base of the thumbs pressed against the sternum) and tune in to your sacred center by chanting “Om” three times. Hands still folded, look into each other’s eyes and bow your heads in recognition of his/her God consciousness. Pour out the love from your heart or any other positive thought you like – for example, “We deserve the best the universe can offer us,” or “Our lovemaking will be an ecstatic, spiritual experience.”

Next use a complete Kundalini Yoga set, like the Kriya for Developing Sexual Nerve Strength (Exercises 1 – 4) to balance your chakras and get rid of energy blocks before moving to the Heart Lotus Kriya (one of the Venus Kriyas) It is good to create a habit of practicing such a like this frequently.

Exercise 1:

Lie on your back with your legs straight up in the air. Lift your buttocks up in the air in Shoulderstand (or three-quarter Shoulderstand), supported by your hands. Start to kick your buttocks with alternating heels and continue for three minutes.

Exercise 2:

Rest your buttocks down on the floor and again start the kicking with alternate heels. Continue this exercise for three minutes then relax for two minutes.

Repeat Exercises 1 and 2, with long and deep breaths. This will stimulate the nerve reflex area in your buttocks.

Exercise 3:

Sit on your heels in rock pose. Put your hands in Venus lock (fingers interlaced with the left thumb in the web of the right thumb for women and the right thumb in the web of the left thumb for men). Place this mudra in your lap and meditate in this position for 2 minutes. This exercise also helps enhance digestion.

Exercise 4:

Lie on your backs. Lift your legs slowly up to a 90-degree angle, as you slowly inhale and contract the muscles of your buttocks and genitals. Your arms should be supporting you, palms down by your sides. Slowly exhale, as you lower your legs and release the muscle tension in your buttocks and genitals, keeping your contraction constant. Repeat this exercise for 4 and 10 times.

It will increase your endurance and integrate the release of sexual energy into the other systems of your body. Then relax completely on your back.

After relaxation, bring yourself up, sit comfortably opposite each other for the Heart Lotus Kriya (a couples’ meditation). Gaze into your each other’s eyes. Place your hands into a lotus, i.e. all the fingers spread with the hands cupped. The male partner should place his little finger under the female partner’s little fingers. These should be the only fingers that touch. This formation makes the “heart lotus.” Look into your partner’s soul and heart, through each other’s eyes. Continue this for one and one half minutes.

Now place one hand over the other at your own heart center. Shut your eyes and meditate on your heart chakra. Go deep within yourselves, to the center of your beings. Continue this for one and one half minutes. Inhale deeply, to end the Heart Lotus Kriya, then exhale deeply three times. Then relax silently for a while.

You can either end your practice with a love song, or one to three long Oms. The idea is to affirm the good work you have just completed and to bless yourselves and others. Alternately, you may end your Venus Kriya practice with another prayer or blessing of your own choosing. Best limit your practice of the Venus Kriya to three minutes. Doing these kriyas correctly for three minutes – and no more than three minutes – is very auspicious and fruitful.

Venus Kriyas are a tool to blend the polarity of energies for spiritual growth. The focus remains at the heart chakra. This projects love and caring, with the attainment of our highest potential. These practices also help expand your highest centers. However, they should never to be used solely for sensual or sexual manipulation nor for exploiting others. Also they should not to be practiced by pregnant women.

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