Yoga for Women

Emotional pressure and stress can have a profound effect on a woman's health more so because women tend to be more emotional than men,. It's been proven time and again that emotional distress can lead to a number of psychosomatic ailments. Factor like hormonal changes also affect women's health.

This is why many women find Yoga an solution to health problems.

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Pilates During Pregnancy

.suffer from premenstrual syndrome and menstrual crampsp Menopause brings with it considerable hormonal changes that often lead to increased stress levels in womene Pregnancy is another major change a woman undergoes in lifef It brings with it changes and stress to her bodyd During pregnancy it is also possible that the mother's health problems can reflect in the health of the baby, as welll Naturally the mother has to be as healthy as possible during the whole pregnancyc

Yogasanas for Women

It is quite common for women to prepare for the last months of pregnancy and labor through Yogag All mothers wish to deliver their babies without complicationsn Certain yogasanas, including the cat pose and the fish pose, are excellent in helping the mother develop both physical strength and mental focus so necessary for laboro

Yoga is also known to reduce the effects of other pregnancy issuese These include morning sickness, dizziness, fatigue, so on and so fortht A number of Yoga stretches help relax and strengthen the pelvic musclese

Then again, having a young baby can be very tiring; hence women in the postnatal period often turn to Yoga to increase their vitality and energy levelsl The fish pose is great for increasing oxygen supply to the body and enhance relaxationo If you want to spend some time in meditation, the hero pose is ideala

Another popular yogasana is the cat pose, regardless of one's age or physical conditiono This is particularly due to the fact that it is good to increase flexibility of the spinal column, as well as relax lower back musclese These muscles carry the weight of the whole upper body, particularly when you stand for longn

This pose is often followed by the headstandn It can be difficult to master, but it also has great benefitst Reversing gravity in the body lets many parts rest and relax in a way they normally never dod The headstand is also great for relieving lower back muscle pressure and back paini

Please note that all pranayamas, particularly Kapalabhatti, Anuloma-Viloma and Ujjayi are excellent for all women, throughout their lives, regardless of all health conditionsn Yoga breathing techniques are particularly effective in childbirth as they help the mother focus on the delivery rather than the paini

Yoga For Women
Yoga for Women
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