Yoga Tips To Recover From Backache

Yoga postures can be used to provide comfort to the back, shoulder and the neck. Most people complain of having intense back pain due to stagnant life styles and improper postures of sitting while on work and otherwise too.

The pain in the back region can be chronic to acute and the duration of the pain can also last for a long duration.

Various Yoga Postures for Backache


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Various Yoga Postures for Backache

Yoga postures like cobra pose, locust pose, cat pose and airplane pose should be adapted to. The pain in the back when becomes intense it can be stretched to the upper part of the trunk like the shoulders and the neck region. The yogic exercises which involve neck movements can also be used to treat the back pain as the muscles associated with the back are also associated with the neck region. Neck movements in all the directions can provide the desired flexibility to the back and the neck region.

Muscle pain is caused chiefly because of the rigidness in the muscles of the body. These muscles when supplied with greater amount of oxygen become more active to take up the daily chores with greater vigor and vitality. The inhalation and exhalation exercise of yoga called pranayam (Breath exercise) provides comfort and relaxation to the muscles of the back and the body so that whole body rejuvenates in order to enjoy better health and zeal.

Snake pose with one leg relaxes the muscles of the back and provides a tension to it so that it can provide the desired flexion to the back muscles. This asana should be repeated several times and once in the posture that state should be held for quite sometime so that it can have sure and better results on the body.

Yoga is excellent relaxation therapy which provides freedom from stress and strain and helps to attain mental harmony. It increases self awareness so that one can know one's self better so as to provide a perfect treatment on the own whenever desired.

Yoga works wonders as it treats the body from within so that it can be rejuvenated from outside. Other poses of yoga like forward bend pose, fish pose (matsyasana), palm tree pose, lotus pose, cow pose, camel pose would help one free oneself from intense chronic pain troubling an individual from time to time. Yoga provides relief and heals the individual so that a person will experience less frequents bouts of aches and pains.

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