Yoga Poses For Arthritis & Osteoarthritis

Arthritis is a condition in which the joints of the body become weak. It occurs mainly in the age group of fifty plus. This disease must be taken care of at the primary stages itself.

Yoga can prove to be a boon for arthritic patients. Daily practice of yoga asanas helps to deal with arthritis. However, if excess pain is felt while performing these yoga asanas please consult your doctor.

Try these yoga asanas to reduce pain from arthritis:-


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  1. Uttkatasana (Powerful Posture) To perform the Powerful Posture, stand with your back straight. Distance your feet from each other in the same proportion to the width of your shoulder. Place your arms in the front at your shoulder level. The palms should be facing downwards towards the ground. Now, inhale deeply and stretch your arms forward. Slowly, bend downwards by folding your knees. While doing this, exhale gradually. You will now be in an imaginary sitting position but at the same time not sitting completely. Finally, keep little distance between the thighs and calf muscles on the legs. Do not hold your breath at any stage, just breathe comfortably. Try to stay in this pose for few minutes as long as you feel comfortable. Slowly come your up by inhaling at the same time. Put your arms by the side. This yoga asana helps to build strength in your knees, ankles and mainly the leg muscles.
  2. Mushtika Bandhana (Hand Clenching) This yoga asana is useful mainly for the arthritis of the hand and wrist. Women are generally more prone to osteoarthritis and the same occurs mainly in their early part of the menopause.

    The Hand Clenching asana, as the name denotes, provides the primary benefit of developing or restoring grip of the hand and strengthening the joints in the hand. To do the Hand Clenching pose, sit comfortably on a chair so that your back is erect. Place your arm in the front at the shoulder level and parallel to the ground. Keep your thumb upwards and make a fist wherein all the fingers are inserted into the thumb. Follow the movement along with your breathing. When you inhale, open your hand and stretch all the five fingers. When you exhale, move your open hand and form a fist. You can repeat this process for 8 - 10 counts.

Some natural remedies can help alleviate the pain caused due to Arthritis.

  • Take honey and lukewarm water in equal ratio. Add a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and make a mixture of it. Apply this on the arthritis-affected area.
  • This same mixture can also be consumed with a cup of warm water

Along with yoga and other remedies, it is imperative to note that obesity and irregular/ incorrect eating habits can dampen the process of curing arthritis. Hence, eat a healthy, balanced diet that includes fresh and light diet, green/boiled/ raw vegetables, garlic, dates, etc. Preferably avoid fruits like bananas, mangoes, grapes that have high sugar content. Proper care at the initial stages will help resolve the arthritis problem or atleast reduce it to a large extent.

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