Yoga Help In Osteoporosis

(January 26, 2009)

Can yoga cure allergic brunchopulmonary aspergillosis(inflammation or allergy of the lung due to aspergillosis)? And can it also cure osteoporosis? If so, what do we need to do? Your response would be highly appreciated.

Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis is caused due to a fungus called as ‘aspergillus’ that leads to an inflammation of the lungs. This fungus is normally found in the dust, water, decaying flora, stored food, compost piles and fowl dung, etc. Generally it does not cause a problem in healthy individuals but affects those who have a weak immune system or weak lungs. It most commonly affects those who have some lung problems like bronchitis or tuberculosis, asthma, etc. The spores of Aspergillus may grow and live in damaged tissues or cavities of the lungs and then form aspergillomas or balls of Aspergillus that might lead to the formation of fibrous tissues in the lungs. Diagnosis of allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis is difficult as the symptoms include breathlessness, fever, chest pain, cough, etc. and these symptoms also occur in other infection cases and diseases.

For healthy lungs you need to practice Dhyana or meditation every day as this will help to calm you down and will relax your mind and body. It will also prepare you for the pranayama or the breathing exercises that will improve harmonize and correct your breathing; it will also increase the capacity of your lungs and will greatly help to improve the condition of your lungs. It will also prepare your body for the yoga asanas or postures that will work on various parts of your body from deep inside. These put systematic and controlled pressure on your body that help to stimulate various glands and boost your immune system so your body can fight off the infections naturally. You may practice the following asanas or poses to improve the condition of your lungs:
  • Matsya Asana or the Fish Pose – This asana or posture helps you to exercise your chest and expands your rib cage to improve your breathing.
  • Ushtra Asana or the Camel Pose – This asana or posture too helps in expanding the rib cage and increasing the lung capacity.
  • Kapalbhati or the Breath of Fire – This is a powerful breathing technique that cleanses your lungs and improves the condition of your lungs greatly.

And yes, yoga does help in osteoporosis as it brings about harmony in your system and boosts the glands and hormonal production, improves the absorption of nutrients and makes your bones and tissues strong. But you need to practice yoga in a systematic manner starting right from the basics and then moving onto the advanced asanas or poses to fully experience its benefits.

Submitted by G M on January 26, 2009 at 11:33

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