Yoga Asanas Beneficial For Healthy Skin

(January 22, 2009)

Are there yogic postures to reduce facial wrinkles ??

Wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process since our body is constantly changing as we grow day by day. If you are physically and mentally fit and healthy then your skin would function at an optimum level and will naturally help to keep wrinkles at bay. Wrinkles should not be a cause of concern unless they are premature. Yoga does help in delaying the onset of wrinkles as regular practice of the asanas or poses naturally helps to detoxify and clean your body besides keeping it firm and toned. This greatly helps in reversing the damage caused by free radicals, unhealthy eating habits, pollution, etc. which in turn helps to keep your skin healthy boosting collagen production and keeping wrinkles at bay. Yoga asanas or poses are most effective when done early in the morning and in an open clean place like a beach or a park. This helps the body to get more fresh air and oxygen and the early morning climate naturally makes you feel fresh and energetic and has beneficial effects on your skin. The following yoga asanas are beneficial for keeping skin healthy and firm:

  • Surya-namaskar or the Sun Salutation: This is a very popular yoga routine as it is very simple yet extremely effective. It helps to exercise the entire body. It is a series of various postures performed one after the other. It helps to massage your internal organs as well as stretch every muscle of your body. Surya-namaskar or the Sun Salutation should ideally be done in the early morning sunlight, as it is promotes the production of Vitamin D in your skin that is beneficial for keeping it wrinkle free. This will also help to strengthen your spine and detoxify your body to eliminate harmful toxins. Hence practicing this daily will help to keep your skin firm and will give it a healthy glow. Surya-namaskar or the Sun Salutation includes twelve different postures that mainly involve your spine moving it in different ways along with the other limbs in your body.
  • Sirshasana or the Head Stand: This is an inverted asana or pose that gets your blood rushing in the opposite direction. This helps to increase the supply of fresh blood and oxygen to your upper body. This automatically helps to renew and refresh the skin and is considered very effective to keep wrinkles away. But you must be very cautious while doing this asana or pose. Do not attempt it if you have not learnt it from a qualified teacher as doing it wrongly might be dangerous and might hurt you. Practice it only under the supervision of a qualified expert.

Submitted by G M on January 22, 2009 at 12:04

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