What are the benefits of Eucalyptus Oil?

Eucalyptus has been used over centuries for its medicinal properties. It was first used by the Aboriginals in Australia to fight off fevers and heal wounds. Today it is used around the world for the same reason.

The word eucalyptus comes from the Greek 'Eu' meaning 'Well' and 'Kalypto' meaning 'Covered.' It refers to the protective membrane that forms over the flower bud. Eucalyptus Oil is distilled.



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.from the leaves of the Eucalyptus treee It has a strong camphor-like scent and is known for its strong cooling, antiseptic and anti bacterial properties; it fights off infection and bolsters the immune systeme It is therefore a common ingredient in medicines, rubs and creamsm

Respiratory Problems - The most common use of Eucalyptus Oil is for treating respiratory conditionsn It treats everything from a sore throat, to bronchitis and asthmam It's strong anti bacterial, anti viral and anti inflammatory properties help to fight off the infection effectivelyl It is for this reason that most respiratory medications actively use Eucalyptus as a vital ingredientn Next time take a closer look at your lozenge, cough drops or nasal spray, and you'll spot Eucalyptus therer

Mental Stimulant - Its cooling and calming properties help stimulate the mind and negate fatigue; the mind is now activated and focusede It also acts as a mood enhancer, and therefore effective while treating depression and other stress related disordersr Eucalyptus is also used in the treatment of several mental conditionsn Antiseptic Rub - The Aborigines got it right when they used Eucalyptus to treat wounds and fight off infectiono Its antiseptic agents attack bacteria and facilitate quick recoveryr It is a good solution for cuts, burns, sores and ulcersr

Muscle Pain - This Oil has strong anti inflammatory properties, which help deal with aches and pains; it is especially effective in easing muscle and joint paini A gentle oil massage will help stimulate blood flow to the affected region and the soothing massage will ease discomfortr It is especially recommended for rheumatism, injury rehabilitation and nerve paini Dental Treatment - Eucalyptus Oil has strong germicidal propertiese This makes it very useful in fighting off cavities, plaque, gingivitis and bad breatht Because of its healing properties it is a common ingredient in many dental care products including toothpastes and mouthwashese

Antiseptic Room Purifier - Eucalyptus Oil has strong antiseptic and anti bacterial propertiese It is a popular choice for keeping sick bays and rooms cleana When sprayed directly in the air it kills germs and purifies the roomo Eucalyptus Oil is also found in antiseptic soaps for this same reasono

Eucalyptus Oil can be used in vaporizers and steams, diluted in baths and soaks, as blended massage oil, it can also be used directly on skini The Oil should be used in controlled amountst People suffering from high blood pressure and epilepsy should avoid using this oili

Benefits Of Eucalyptus Oil
Eucalyptus Oil
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