Uses of Essential Oils

Oils are naturally available and are known to be extremely beneficial to man. Oil has not only been used as a means to cook food but also as a treatment for various diseases.

Some oils are obtained by steaming and distilling plants. These oils are called essential oils.


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When choosing a massage oil, make sure that the essential oil and its uses are ideal for your requirements. Essential oils can be used for many purposes such as in food and medicines and for head and body massages. The therapeutic use of essential oils in massages has gained recognition in recent years.

Uses of essential oils.Tea oil uses are varied. It is can be used for manufacturing antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal medicines. It is also used for treating skin problems including infections, allergies, cuts, burns, scrapes, and wrinkles. Tea oil is known to be effective against nail fungus and ringworms and for treating lice, mites, scabies, and mosquito bites. The anti-inflammatory properties of tea oil are helpful in healing of wounds. Respiratory ailments such as throat and chest infections can be treated with tea oil. Apart from the above, tea oil makes for an excellent aroma bath and is very effective in stimulating the immune system.

From being used to cosmetics to nourishing the brain and nervous system, almond oil uses are equally varied. It is most widely used for body massages as it helps in maintaining the moisture balance of the skin. It is also used to prevent inflammation and itching of the skin. A head massage with almond oil is known to relieve headaches and prevent hair loss. It is also used to strengthen hair, increase hair shine, and prevent dandruff.

A body massage with almond oil is useful in relieving strained muscles and body ache. Since almond oil is rich in vitamin E, calcium and magnesium, it is also used as a food component. Other benefits of almond oil include improving complexion, delaying the aging process of the skin, and lightening dark circles beneath eyes.

Eucalyptus oil uses are mostly related to its antiseptic properties. It is used as disinfectant and antiseptic for home remedies, and as a treatment for healing wounds and cuts. The oil is also used as a cleaning agent as it helps in removing sticky substances like grease, tar, or glue from surfaces. The oil is also used to clean stainless steel utensils. Apart from being an effective insect repellent, it is used as an air freshener owing to its invigorating fragrance. Eucalyptus oil is also used to treat muscles aches.

Lavender oil usesare related to the nervous system. It is used in the treatment of insomnia and stress. Lavender oil is helpful in easing anxiety and calming the nervous system. A head massage with lavender oil can help cure migraines. It is also used to treat cuts, wounds and eczema as well as diseases like asthma and rheumatism. Lavender oil is also known to relieve menstrual cramps.

Essential Oils And Uses
Essential Oils And Uses
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