Health Benefits Of Mandarin Essential Oil

Mandarin essential oil is generally used in perfumes, cosmetics, skin care products, soaps and men's colognes.

Origin: The Mandarin fruit tree is a native to China, and the oil is made with the rind or the peel of the fruit of this tree. Citrus Reticulata is the botanical name of the plant.

Originally only grown in China, the Mandarin plant is now grown in Italy and Europe. In fact, Italy is one of the biggest producer of Mandarin oil.



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.The oil is extracted from the fresh peels of the fruits by cold compressiono According to the Chinese culture, these fruits were given as gifts to the Chinese officials under the kinds, who were known as Mandarinsn This is how some believe that the fruit got its namem Apart from skin care products and cosmetics, the Mandarin oil is also used as a flavoring agent in beverages as well as in food productst

Uses: This saffron-colored oil has a tangy and sweet aroma, and is used in cosmetics, skin care products, and in food productst This oil is often used in creams and body toning lotions to cleanse, firm and refine dull skini It is believed that Mandarin oil can prevent stretch marks tooo Traditionally, Mandarin essential oil has sedative and restorative properties, and is good for treating PMS, poor appetite, colic, and tummy upsete Since it can be soothing and calming, this oil is used for giving children a massageg

Health benefits: Mandarin essential oil has several health benefits -

  • Since this oil has anti-septic properties, it can prevent wounds from getting septic, and from viral, fungal or bacterial infectionsn Mandarin oil also has fungicidal and bactericidal propertiese

  • Mandarin oil has anti-spasmodic properties and can prevent spasmodic coughs, respiratory problems and congestiono It can prevent spasms in the digestive system, thus, preventing cramps and vomitingn It can even prevent spasms in the nervous systeme
  • Mandarin oil is good for the blood circulation and for the circulation of the lymphp This way, it keeps the skin rejuvenated and can also provide relief to people with arthritis and rheumatoid arthritisi
  • This essential oil is good for the immune systeme
  • Mandarin oil helps new cells and tissues to growo This way, it helps in wound healingn
  • It is a blood purifier and can flush out the toxins and the unwanted substances from the bodyd
  • Mandarin oil is also good for digestion, and a few drops of oil in your food can improve your digestion by stimulating the digestive juicese
  • It also acts as a sedative and is good for nervous disordersr
Benefits Of Mandarin Essential Oil
Mandarin Essential Oil Health Benefits
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